The Voice Recap: Live Playoffs Night 3


It’s the final night of The Voice Live Playoffs, and it was dramatic as ever. With half the talent going home at the end of this round, we knew it was going to be brutal cut. There were some shocking results, so let’s break down what happened.

Team Kelly:

Kaleb Lee

Singing Die A Happy Man, it was a strong performance for Kaleb that had his coach Kelly on her feet cheering. She urges the audience to vote for Kaleb.

Alexa Cappelli 

Alexa’s performance of Stop and Stare put her coach in tears. Kelly tears up and shares how proud she is of Alexa and how she shocks her every time she’s on stage. She calls Alexa “captivating” and powerful in the way that she’s able to bring people to her.

D.R. King 

Singing All On My Mind and giving this performance his all. Coach Kelly compliments his range and how refreshing he is to see on stage. She says she hopes America is listening.

Dylan Hartigan

Dylan put on a high-energy performance to Mary Jane’s Last Dance, and successfully wowed the crowd. Kelly says the greatest thing about him is that his range is so incredible.

Tish Haynes Keys 

Singing the classic, At Last, and belting her incredible high notes as usual. Kelly is up and out of her seat, and prouder than ever. She tells Tish that her quiet moments at in her singing is what really makes her stand out and that she’s the reason why shows like The Voice exist. What a compliment!


Team Adam

Reid Umstattd

Taking it back old school, Reid chooses the song Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress. Adam compliments him on his originality and says that everyone in the room felt his energy.

Jackie Verna

Performing the song Once, Jackie impressed her coach as he was beaming with pride. Adam goes on to say that everyone underestimated her, but he knew what he talent was capable of. He even goes on to say that there’s no one in this competition that can carry the notes that Jackie can.

Drew Cole 

Choosing the song Wild Horses was a great move on Drew’s part because that’s the song that Adam and Alicia sang together. Adam thanks Drew for bringing him back to that special performance and congratulates him on a job well done.

Mia Boostrom 

Singing, Either Way, Mia gathered all the coaches on their feet by the end of her performance. Adam talks about how Mia has impressed everyone throughout this entire

Rayshun LaMarr

Saving the best for last, Rayshun left it all out on the floor during this high energy performance to Fallin. He absolutely wowed the judges and everyone else watching. Adam calls him a one of a kind and even extended his compliment to say he just won the week with that performance.

Who will be joining the Top 12? 

Team Kelly: 

America’s vote: Kaleb Lee

Kelly’s Vote: D.R. King

Team Adam: 

America’s Vote: Rayshun LaMarr

Adam’s Vote: Jackie Verna

Team Blake: 

America’s vote: Pryor Baird

Blake’s Vote: Spensha Baker

Team Alicia: 

America’s Vote: Jackie Foster

Alicia’s Vote: Christiana Danielle


And there you have your Top 12 contestants! What do you think, Talent Recap family? Who are you now rooting for, and did America make a mistake leaving someone out? Let us know in the comments  below.

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