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Viral Video Of ‘Normal People’ Thanking Celebrities For Helping Them During COVID Strikes A Nerve

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Celebrities seem like they definitely have it a little bit easier during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it be the fact that they live in mansions or have endless amounts of money, they definitely are never struggling to afford food and rent. Now, a viral video is thanking celebrities for all that they do, but it’s not as serious as you think. Take a look.

People On The Frontlines Thank Celebrities For Posting Videos

This video starts off with a woman named Greta Lee Jackson ironically saying that during this time of crisis, celebrities have provided us with the strength we need to get through. She continues on to say that it’s time for “normal people” to say thank you. In the video, a nurse who looks exhausted says “I have been working for 48 hours straight and my face hurts from wearing a mask for so long. I was going to go lick a patient and end it all. But Manu from Masterchef reminded me why I’m here.” She was obviously not going to lick a patient, but she is emphasizing how hard frontline workers work to try and help people. Yet, celebrities are the ones sitting at home putting out messages of hope during the coronavirus pandemic.


Some people are experiencing the effects of this virus firsthand and they should be the ones we are thanking. A grocery store worker then says “I just had to break up a fight in aisle three and everyday people call me a f*cking c*nt. But having Sam Armytage reassure me from her sprawling rural property really makes it all worthwhile.” She then shows a video of Arymtage saying “We’re all in this together.” It’s easy for her to say when she is spending her quarantine in a gorgeous location with fresh air and a lot of land. Some of us are stuck in small houses or at work dealing with people who are stressed and worried.

One Of The “Normal People” Shades Ellen DeGeneres

One man in the video says “I see a number of deaths every day and the constant threat of being infected and taking that home to my family is terrifying. But the one thing that gives me the strength to get to my job every day is watching Ellen broadcast from her mansion.” He then shows a video of DeGeneres saying “This is like being in jail, is what it is.” The harsh reality is that Degeneres’s house is probably 10 times the size of the house of a normal person, yet she still feels like she is trapped and in jail.


Celebrities are so use to being out all the time so being at home seems like a huge change for them. DeGeneres may feel like she is in jail but social distancing and staying home saves lives. Another man says “I’ve been waiting on hold to Centrelink for days now. I’ve lost my job, I’ve got no money, I’ve lost everything. Um but this video of Amanda Keller dancing around in her massive kitchen is really getting me through.” This is further showing that there is a great disparity between the lives of average people and celebrities. We are the ones worrying about our jobs and making ends meet while they dance around their mansions and try to make fans laugh. The last man says “My mum died but look, it’s Alf from Home & Away.” Alf says “We really are all in this together.” Are we really though?

The Video Ends With A Sarcastic Message To Celebrities

After everyone gives their personal stories, they all say “Thanks celebrities.” Jackson says “It’s time for us normal people to say thank you.” She continues on “From the bottom of our pathetic little nobody infamous worthless dogs*t broke a** hearts, thank you.” She calls celebrities “true heroes,” meanwhile the true heroes are staring us right in the face. The screen goes white with a message that says “give us your money.” It is true that money is scarce for people during this time. Many have lost their jobs and some do not even know when their next meal will be. But celebrities are cozy at home, some complaining and some trying to make fans feel “hope.”


The video plays on how insensitive some celebrities can be with their comments and complaining even when they are fortunate enough to have grand homes and a lot of money. Posting videos of themselves dancing or giving out messages of hope isn’t necessarily wrong, but it also is not doing anything to help people financially. Perhaps instead, they can work harder on providing normal people with supplies like toilet paper or food or masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Do you think celebrities can do more during the coronavirus pandemic to help people that are seriously struggling? We think the answer to this question is pretty obvious.

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