Top 10 Talent Show Contestants Who Wrongly Thought They Could Sing

Jill O'Rourke
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Some talent show contestants are confident they can sing, but the judges think otherwise. Let’s take a look at some of the worst examples of auditions gone wrong on shows like The X Factor and American Idol, as singers proved they couldn’t carry a tune like they thought they could.

Talent Show Contestants Who Thought They Could Sing

1. Shawn Armenta

This contestant auditioned for The X Factor USA, telling the judges that he had been practicing for a year and a half, even working with a choreographer. He performed a song called “Candy Girl,” showing off questionable dance moves and a terrible voice. Shawn responded with hostility to the judges’ criticism, accusing Demi Lovato of using AutoTune.

2. J Star

On The X Factor UK, this contestant predicted that he could be “the next big thing.” In his audition, he performed a cover of “Hallelujah,” showing off some crazy vocal embellishments that had the judges giggling. Sharon Osbourne even compared him to a ghost, while Nicole Scherzinger asked, “Were you serious?”

3. Holly Jervis

This contestant auditioned for The X Factor UK with the claim that she had a powerful voice and had trained for years. Holly sang “Big, Blonde and Beautiful,” prompting Simon Cowell to criticize her large mouth, comparing it to a cave. She argued with him but eventually told the judges, “I respect your opinion.”

4. Kayvon Zand

This contestant actually made it through the auditions of America’s Got Talent and performed at the Judge Cuts in an over-the-top outfit. He performed “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),” even playing piano at one point. All of the judges buzzed the act. Kayvon argued with the panel, prompting Piers Morgan to call him an “obnoxious little brat.”

5. Ant & Seb

These brothers auditioned for The X Factor UK, singing “Mysterious Girl” by Peter Andre. The judges couldn’t contain their laughter, as Simon Cowell nicknamed them Ant and Deaf and called the performance “crazy bad.” They argued for the panel to give them a chance. Cowell begged them to leave, and they were escorted out. Later, they ran into Cowell in the hall and sang for him again.

6. Jocelyn Hinton

This contestant auditioned for The X Factor USA, calling herself a diva on par with Whitney Houston. She performed “Firework” by Katy Perry, messing up the lyrics at one point but powering through. Her voice made the judges cringe, and Cowell stopped the audition. Jocelyn wouldn’t stop singing, even as the judges tried to critique her. Cowell had to walk her off stage.

7. Michael Lewis

This X Factor UK contestant shared his obsession with Michael Jackson, saying he felt the late singer’s spirit telling him to audition. Michael performed “Rock With You,” showing off Jackson-inspired dance moves. Cowell stopped the audition and told him it was “hideous.” Michael argued with the audience when they booed him.

8. Melanie Wright

This contestant auditioned for The X Factor USA, saying she wanted to be a star like Carrie Underwood. She performed “Titanium,” leaving the judges speechless with her voice. They voted “no” to sending her through, but Melanie took it in stride. “What the bloody hell was that?” Cowell asked after she left the stage.

9. Koby

This American Idol contestant auditioned with an original song called “Never Stops” after sharing that she was a theater actress. Koby practically shouted the song, dragging out all the notes. The judges were nice in rejecting her, but Koby got angry about it afterward, claiming that Katy Perry was actually jealous of her and insisting she “nailed it.”

10. JAHM

This trio met online and rehearsed over the phone and on Skype. For their X Factor UK audition, they performed “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. The group had audience members covering their ears and left the judges at a loss for words. Cowell said they were the worst group ever on the show. When the group called it their “dream” to be on the talent show, Cowell called it a “nightmare.”

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