Top 10 Freaky Moments on Live TV Talent Shows We Can’t Stop Watching

Corey Cesare
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By far, the best part of watching live television is the fact that you don’t always know what’s coming next. Some acts make your smile, others leave you confused, but there are always a select few that leave you totally freaked out.

You never know who is going to show up on the America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, or even X Factor stage. Acts always have something unique to them, but today we’re showing love for the freaky performances on live television talent shows.

10. Troy James

This man is basically spiderman, if spiderman was a contortionist. He crawls around the stage on all fours and freaks the audience out with the elasticity of his body.

9. Brotherhood

This three person group is known for almost killing themselves on the Britain’s Got Talent stage. Their act was attempting to avoid a sword that was hidden under a cardboard box, while jumping on top of the boxes.

8. The Sacred Riana

This is the act that definitely will haunt you. The Sacred Riana looked like a possessed doll and had the judges guess who started a fire. Mel B was able to pick the person correctly considering his ghost showed up in a polaroid picture taken before her guess.

7. Demian Aditya

This escapologist made his wife watch him get buried alive on a talent show. Everyone in the audience, especially his wife, was afraid that the escape artist wouldn’t be able to unchain himself in the coffin fast enough.

6. Patrick Bertoletti

I think this act was more weird than anything. Patrick Bertoletti took to the stage to eat raw eggs on television. The chef and restaurant owner disgusted the judges and audience on America’s Got Talent.

5. Dystopia

This man showed up to the talent show stage with a giant bandage on his wrist but sat down as if he was going to sing an acoustic song. This performance turned into a full blown zombie attack. Nonetheless, I don’t think he made it any further in the competition.

4. Strauss Serpent

This contortionist raised the stakes for any act to follow. His contortions were so creepy that the audience had to look away for a large portion of the act. Even though Serpent’s act was creepy, he was awarded the golden buzzer on France’s Got Talent.

3. Alex Magala

This sword swallower took to the stage confidently with a giant sword. If swallowing the sword on Britain’s Got Talent wasn’t enough, he climbed up a pole and even hung upside down! He freaked the audience out by quickly dropping to the ground with the sword facing the ground.

2. Nicholas Wallace

Wallace took to the stage with a freaky rocking chair and possessed doll. Even though he looks like a normal guy, his talent definitely spooked the audience.

1. Youngblood

This act walked on to the stage to premiere his talent of squirting milk out of his eyeball. You would think there would be some type of rule against an act like this, but clearly there isn’t. Squirting milk out of your eyeballs definitely isn’t a normal talent.

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