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‘The Voice’ Vote: Here is How to Vote for The Top 20 Artists [Open till 7AM]

Mriganka Chawla

Mriganka Chawla

The Voice Vote Now

From today, Nov. 11, The Voice season 17 will go LIVE! It will begin with the Live Playoffs that we’ve seen and loved for years but that brings us to voting and their have been a few changes. Or just scroll down to vote for your favorite contestant.

How to vote in ‘The Voice’ Live Playoffs?

Once the live performances begin, you have 2 ways to save your favorite contestant.

The Voice App

If you love The Voice as much as we do, you already have the official app but in case you don’t, you can download it. It is available on App Store and Google play. It is absolutely free and is a way for people at home, to feel in control.

You can be in the coach’s chair, vote for your favorite contestant and build a fantasy team if that’s your thing. You can tweet the coaches and artists, get links of the music and just a lot of cool stuff.

If you see a love you on Ricky Duran’s Twitter, it was me #sorrynotsorry.

Vote on ‘The Voice’ Website

If you want to save space on your phone or prefer to vote on your laptop, you still can absolutely vote for The Voice. Just go to and make an account. To make an account all you need is an email address. That way you can review the schedule and never miss an update from them!

The Voice’ Results Show will have Instant Save

You heard it here first, yes there will an instant save, not on Monday but on Tuesday. Once the playoff results are announced on Tuesday, the contestants with top votes that did not make it in the top 12 will perform the spot in the top 13.

The artist that will be saved will be decided by an instant vote during the show. To vote for your favorite contestant in an instant vote, during the show is live, you must click on the button below.

No Twitter Instant Save

In earlier seasons, fans have voted for their favorite semi-final duet using Twitter but based on The Voice FAQ section, it seems that the twitter method has been suspended as of now.

Vote for Team Legend in the Live Playoffs

Taylor Swift believes that the reigning champ of The Voice and one half of the favorite couple in Hollywood aka John Legend has the strongest team. He’s one for one, as he won his first season as a coach with Maelyn Jarmon. Can he keep the streak for a second season? The artists in John Legend’s team that will be performing in the Live Playoffs are Katie Kaden, Khaleah Lynee, Alex Chuthrie, Mary Beth Byrd and Will Breman.

Vote for Team Gwen in the Live Playoffs

Gwen Stefani returned to The Voice this season, replacing Adam Levine who quit the show. (BTW, we called for called it ahead of time!) One sad fact about Gwen is that she has never won The Voice, so far. Could this be her golden chance to shine? Her team has: Rose Short, Kyndal Inskeep, Joana Martinez, Jake Haldenvang and Myracle Holloway. Which one of these do you think can give Gwen the win?

Vote for Team Kelly in the Live Playoffs

We all know Kelly Clarkson won her first two seasons on The Voice, both with young girl singers. She has an edge though, Kelly was the first-ever winner of American Idol, and she went on to have arguably the most successful career of any talent show winner in history. The artists who will be up for The Voice vote on TeamKelly are: Hello Sunday, Jake Hoot, Max Boyle, Shane Q and Damali.

Vote for Team Blake in the Live Playoffs

Blake Shelton is the only OG coach left on The Voice and self proclaimed King of the show. He has 6 wins under his belt, the most of any coach in Voice history. Could this be his 7th year? Team Blake has: Ricky Duran, Cali Wilson, Gracee Shriver, Kat Hammock and Ricky Braddy. He has a diverse team this year and only one country singer! Yes, our Blake Shelton. Do you think he can win this year?

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