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‘The Voice’ Standout Thunderstorm Artis Gets Candid About New Single ‘Surprise’

Thunderstorm Artis on 'The Voice'Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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Ahead of Valentine’s day, The Voice season 18 alum Thunderstorm Artis has dropped his newest single “Surprise.” The singer-songwriter particularly dedicates this song to his wife, who he married just four months after they met.

Thunderstorm Artis’s New Single ‘Surprise’ is About His Wife

Before meeting his wife, The Voice season 18 alum Thunderstorm Artis wasn’t one to hopelessly seek for intimacy. Apparently, the Hawaii native grew up surrounded by people who had suffered heartbreaks for the wrong reasons. Consequently, over the years, Artis didn’t seem convinced that love is a beautiful thing.

“I didn’t feel the need to open myself up emotionally to someone because I was so afraid of being hurt,” he said. “And I just didn’t want to date anyone, you know? Unless I thought I was going to get married, I didn’t see the need for it.”

Artis admitted that he guarded himself from loving vulnerably to “preserve” and “protect” himself. Having lost his grandmother at 10 and his father at 14, the singer was too hurt to bother himself with romance. Until he met his wife Faith, who is now the subject of his newest song “Surprise.”

“My wife Faith first came into my life right when I had just done my blind audition for The Voice,” he said. “We met randomly at a concert. At the time, I didn’t think that true love really existed. And to my surprise, she came into my life and tore down a lot of these walls.”

Written with Gabe Simon and Elsa Curran, Artis composed “Surprise” to signify his love for his wife. According to the singer, his previous works came from a place of “pain and turmoil.” However, with this new single, Artis confesses that it’s his first time to write about something he’s “super happy about.”

He Says the Song is Also About His Son

Last year, the Team Legend singer welcomed his son Ezekiel into the world. Artis’s baby, who is now seven-month old, came after he finished “Surprise.” Nonetheless, the song also denotes his feelings for his son.

“I wrote ‘Surprise’ before we were pregnant, but yes, my son is the best thing ever,” he said. “I hear a lot of people in my generation talk about the hardship of being a parent or bringing a kid into this world. But I think it’s an honor and a responsibility.”

The singer went on and stated that Ezekiel has changed his life in a lot of amazing ways. According to him, he’s become more focused and mature since he arrived.

“My wife taught me to love and then having a kid taught me to love in ways that I didn’t know that I wasn’t,” he said.

Reflecting on his life right now, Artis definitely sees himself in a better light. As stated by him, when someone truly loves a person, they see beauty rather than flaws.

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