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‘The Voice’ Runner Up Ricky Duran Releases New Single About Love


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After many painful days, The Voice, season 17 runner up Ricky Duran releases new single about girlfriend, Alyssa Tosti, who’s got him “feeling like a fool” for her. The contestant had seen better days when taking The Voice stage for the first time in 2019. He came to The Voice talking about his parents who passed away.

Duran told The Voice audience that he was born with a love of music, similar to his dads. His dad taught him how to play guitar and they performed together until Duran went away to Berklee School of Music. He lost his father soon after graduating college. He then went on to share how he lost his mom to a battle with breast cancer in 2019.

Duran had been through some tough times before auditioning for the show. But, before he took the stage for the first time, he learned that his girlfriend had a stroke.

“I’ve definitely seen my share of tough times,” said Duran in a recent interview with PEOPLE. “But hearing that Alyssa had a stroke was one of the roughest. I remember rushing over to the hospital and when she had come out of surgery, she opened her eyes and told me to go back and do what I came here to do. And that’s all I needed to hear.”

Luckily, Tosti made a full recovery as stated on The Voice in 2019.

With Loss Comes Love

Even though Duran lost The Voice to fellow contestant Jake Hoot in 2019, his music career is far from over. He released single “She closed her eyes” and took the #1 spot on the Singer/Songwriter Itunes chart two hours after it released. After that he sold out shows and gained even more fans of his rock ‘n roll music.

Duran’s new single released on June 25, only two months after April release with Blue Light Bandits.

“I’ve written a lot of songs about the losses and struggles I’ve had in my life,” he said in exclusive PEOPLE interview. “I wanted to write a song that was about something positive in my life. If there is one thing that is positive, it’s the love I feel for her.”

Duran wrote this love song about the love he has for his long time girlfriend… AWW!

“When you follow your intuition for long enough, everything falls in place,” said Duran on his Instagram. “So happy I met this girl.”

Fans have flooded the comments of Duran’s Instagram post, sharing positive comments about the single.

“I’ve been listening to it nonstop! It dropped in my music I think Sunday? I got it on the pre-save! It’s sooo good!! Love that song!” said a fan on Instagram.

Duran has stated on Twitter that “Star” is the first song from a project he’s been working on, which sounds like fans can expect an album soon.

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