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‘The Voice’ Recap: Niall Horan Begins Rivalry With Kelly Clarkson by Using His Block

Niall Horan on 'The Voice' season 23Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

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Night two of The Voice kicked off with a hilarious bit about how Niall Horan and Chance The Rapper felt like seasoned coaches after night one. After the bit of them not being able to find the stage, the new coaches found their seats and began the second set of shocking auditions. The night ended with a special celebrity guess, Jimmy Fallon.

Former Team Kelly Member Returns

The most shocking audition of the night was another trio. After seeing the success of Girl Named Tom in season 21, it’s clear many have been inspired to take a leap of their own. On Monday night’s episode, we saw TikTok famous trio Sorellé, who ended up on Team Chance.

Tonight, we saw trio Sheer Element. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the fact that this was a group that made this moment shocking. The three-person group features former Team Kelly (season 16) member Jej Vinson.

Sheer Element gave a near flawless performance of this song, which turned the chairs of Chance The Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, and Niall Horan. Although Horan tried to persuade the group to pick his team, since he was in a group himself, they didn’t pick him. Since Jej’s involvement is such a throwback, it’s no surprise that they picked Team Kelly.

For those who may not remember, Jej was apart of Team Kelly in Spring 2019. He came to the series singing “Passionfruit” by Drake and turned both Blake Shelton and Clarkson’s chairs. After joining Team Kelly, he was successful in the Battle and Knockout Rounds. He even made it into the Live Shows, but was eliminated before the Top 8. Although former artists typically aren’t allowed to return to the series, Jej clearly found a loophole.

Niall Horan Blocks Kelly Clarkson

After getting rejected by various artists, Horan has finally learned how to play The Voice “game.” As soon as Kala Banham began singing “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell, he blocked Clarkson from turning for the artist. Since Clarkson and Horan have turned for the same artists, it’s no surprise that their rivalry has finally begun.

Before Kala even chose to join Team Niall, Horan decided that she was joining his team. He laid on the charm, including the oppourtunity to sing along with him. As Horan continued talking, Clarkson began airing out her anger. Hilariously, this included Clarkson running over to Horan’s chair to whack him.

After the funny moment, Chance The Rapper discussed what he brought to the table for the artist. This included which artists he wants her to cover, and the potential he sees in her. Even though this was only the second episode, Chance The Rapper really knows how to persuade people. To this point, Chance The Rapper has been able to persuade each artist to join his team… but not this time. Kala is now a member of Team Niall.

Jimmy Fallon Makes a Surprise Appearance

As a treat for the coaches, Jimmy Fallon appeared as a surprise guest in The Voice blind auditions. Even though he admitted this prank was to promote That’s My Jam, it was quite iconic. He came to the stage doing a Michael McDonald impression.

Clarkson, Horan and Chance The Rapper turned for Fallon. Shelton eventually turned, when Fallon walked off stage and hit the button for himself. Shelton claims that he knew it was Fallon all along, and that’s why he didn’t turn the chair. He compared Fallon’s performance to “walking up to Michael McDonald and slapping him in the face as hard as you can.”

Before the episode finished, Clarkson stated that she likes Fallon’s beard. It was clear that Clarkson, Horan and Chance The Rapper had no idea it was Fallon until they turned their chairs.

The next blind audition episode of The Voice premieres on Monday, March 13 on NBC. Be sure to tune at 8 p.m. ET so you don’t miss the teams filling up.

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