‘The Voice’ Is Back With More Blind Auditions


The signature round of The Voice, the blind auditions, are back again this week. There were more awesome singers, more chair swiveling action, and more of the judges fighting over contestants. We’ll see if Miley can get any more country singer notches on her glittery belt.

Shilo Gold

Raspy-voiced singer Shilo sang Stay with Me Baby which was hella sexy. She picked Miley, which makes sense given that they have similar voices.

Adam Pearce

Rocking singer Adam sang Hot Blooded by Foreigner, which is an awesome song for his voice. This was his second time on The Voice. He wasn’t picked last year but was invited to return. There was some bitchy reparte between Blake and Adam, as always. But in spite of this Adam picked…er…Adam.

Hannah Mrozak

Unpronounceably named Hannah sang Starving and really impressed Jennifer and Adam. She is all pop all day and all night so she picked Adam.

Noah Mac

Noah has a seriously soulful voice. He sang Way Down We Go with a lot of chutzpah. It came down to Blake and Jen and he chose Blake.

Moriah Formica

She rocked the Heart classic Crazy On You and dazzled Miley and the other three as well. Powerful voice. She went with Miley, which is totally the right choice.

Addison Agen

Addison sang one of the greatest songs of all time, Jolene by Dolly Parton. Adam and Miley were impressed by her sweet, soulful voice. She chose Miley.

Davon Fleming

Me and Mrs. Jones is the perfect song for his voice. He’s like the reincarnation of Marvin Gaye. All four judges turned around. Jen threw her shoe, so you know it’s serious. He picked Jennifer. It’s a smart choice given his vocal talent.

Adam Cunningham

Adam took on Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers with a country twang. So, Blake was all about it. He picked Blake, of course.

Kathrina Feigh

The musical theater singer Kathrina was all kinds of powerful. She picked Jennifer because she needs someone with true vocal talent. Let’s face it, that means Jen.

Alexandra Joyce, Eric Lyn, Anna Catherine DeHart

All three of these singers were killers. Two went with Jen and one, Catherine, chose Blake

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