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‘The Voice’ Coaches Salary: How Much Do Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton Make?

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‘The Voice’ has just started its 18th season with a new addition to the panel of coaches, Nick Jonas. Just how much is he making compared to someone like Blake Shelton who has been a veteran coach for all 18 seasons? Let’s take a deep dive into the salaries of the rotating panel of ‘The Voice’ coaches, which will surely have our chairs turning in shock.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has certainly made his mark on The Voice franchise after being a coach every single season since it first aired in 2011. Team Blake has won the show six times, and his paycheck certainly reflects his success, as he makes a whopping $13 million per season. It was revealed that he was offered several bonuses during seasons where his girlfriend Gwen Stefani appeared on the show to play up their relationship for the cameras. With two seasons of the show premiering per year, Blake rakes in about $26 million annually for his time on The Voice.


Kelly Clarkson

What may come as a shock to some is that coach Kelly Clarkson, who has only been on the show since season 14, makes $14 million a season. This is reportedly more than what Shelton makes each season. Rightfully so, she is an extremely successful artist with eight studio albums and the most recent winner of the show with artist Jake Hoot. Clarkson even has her own critically acclaimed talk show so it does not come as a surprise that she is being paid so much.

John Legend

John Legend is in his third season as a coach and has one win under his belt that came from season 16 with Maelyn Jarmon. Legend is estimated to be making around the same as Clarkson which is about $14 million. Deservedly so, as he is a music icon and has won tons of awards. He is even the first EGOT winner to be a coach on the show.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas may only be in his first season as a coach but he has already begun a rivalry with Clarkson which will surely make for great television. It is not exactly known how much Jonas will be making in his first season, but it is estimated to be somewhere around $10 million. He is one of the younger coaches that show has seen much like fellow former Disney star Miley Cyrus who brought in around $13 million a season.

Gwen Stefani

While Gwen Stefani is not on the coaching panel this season with her boyfriend Blake Shelton, she started off making around $10 million per season. It later increased to somewhere around $13 million a season as her and Blake’s relationship started to heat up and create more buzz for the show. It remains up in the air if Stefani will ever return to coach again, but one thing is for certain, she will receive a huge payday if she does. She is currently finishing up her Planet Hollywood residency in Las Vegas this Spring. This caused several scheduling conflicts that kept her from being on season 18 of The Voice.


Who Is The Highest Earning Coach Of ‘The Voice’?

When the show first began in 2011 with it’s the original panel of coaches consisting of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, it was revealed that Aguilera was raking in about $17 million a season. She took a pay cut when she rejoined the panel in season five after taking some time off to focus on her album and tour. Aguilera has since said that she wants to focus on her music after leaving the show for good.

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