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The Talent Recap Show: Does ‘American Idol’ Have A Race Problem?

This past week was Disney themed on American Idol and all the judges and contestants went to Disneyworld. But not everything was bright and shiny in the Magic Kingdom. The elimination of the last two Black people on the show had some fans seeing red. Mel and I discuss on The Talent Recap Show.

Dimitrius Graham and Uche were the last two African-Americans left on American Idol this season. None of the African-American women even made it into the top 20. Alyssa Raghu, the one woman of color left, was in the bottom three. So…what gives? Mel and I discuss this topic in this provocative episode of The Talent Recap Show. Now, before you get triggered and start calling us racist against White people, let’s stop and think for a second. The reality is that POC usually, not always, but usually only go so far on these shows. That’s just a fact. Yes, I know Black people have won Idol and The Voice…but it’s rare. Latinos and Asians MUCH less than anyone else.

Is it that POC who watch these shows aren’t voting? Is it something that viewers are conscious of doing or is it rather some unconscious thing? Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. We want to know what you think. Let us know in the comments here or on the video of the Talent Recap Show on YouTube. Let’s get a dialogue going.