The Best ‘LEGO Masters’ Builds We’ve Seen So Far

Jill O'Rourke
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LEGO Masters has had two seasons on FOX, and we’ve seen some incredible builds from contestants in that time. Some creations are technically impressive, while others are just downright beautiful to look at. These spectacular projects put our childhood LEGO builds to shame.

1. Spaceland, Season 1

What better place to start than the very first challenge of Season 1? Team Aaron and Christian won Build of the Week with their theme park creation. The build focused on a theme park built at the site of a UFO crash. They created a large, moving Ferris wheel for the park.

2. The Sacrifice, Season 1

For the second week of competition, the teams were challenged to create an alien-inspired build that would easily break apart when dropped, smashed, or exploded. Tyler and Amy won Build of the Week for their creation, called The Sacrifice. It featured a character dropping a bomb into a tentacled alien’s mouth, and it smashed beautifully.

3. Clockwork Man, Season 1

In the third week, the builders were challenged to create builds that were split in half. Richard and Flynn won Build of the Week with their stunning Clockwork Man. Host Will Arnett described it as a “piece of art.” The team used a cuckoo clock to cover one half of the design, with the other half featuring a giant man standing over a village of people.

4. Treasure of the Griffin, Season 1

In the final episode of LEGO Masters Season 1, the teams had 24 hours to build whatever sculpture they wanted. Married couple Tyler and Amy won the competition with their build Treasure of the Griffin. The creation featured a fantasy tour and a drawbridge, as well as a griffin protecting her babies from an attacking lizard.

5. Artopia, Season 1

Many fans disagreed with the outcome of Season 1, thinking Mark and Boone deserved to win the competition for their creation, Artopia. The sculpture featured a tall building set in a “post-apocalyptic wasteland where creative minds are coming together to build community.” The build was detailed and creative, but unfortunately it didn’t win them the trophy.


6. Abra Couture Top Hat, Season 2

For the “Hats Incredible!” challenge, Natalie and Michelle were named the best of the week for their asymmetrical top hat, which also featured a spinning element on the top. The over-the-top accessory was technically detailed and totally chic. Judge Amy Corbett said she couldn’t even tell that it was made of LEGO.

7. The Squid and the Whale, Season 2

In the fifth week of Season 2, teams were challenged to create floating builds. Brothers Zack and Wayne depicted an epic battle between a red squid and a whale. The squid wrapped its tentacles around the whale’s body as the whale bit down. They came in second place for the week behind Mark and Steven.

8. Heaven’s Castle, Season 2

Zack and Wayne also totally aced the “Cliffhanger!” challenge, in which teams had to build castles stretching out from a wall. Their castle extended six feet, the most of any team. Wayne shared that the build was a tribute to his friend who passed away. He described it as a “castle that connects you to Heaven.”

9. Warden of the Woods, Season 2

Brothers Mark and Steven won LEGO Masters Season 2 with this detailed build, depicting a tree guardian who rescues lost people. The creation featured several lights that made the sculpture look beautiful in the dark. The brothers were named the winners of Season 2, earning the trophy and the $100,000 prize.

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