The 5 Most Romantic Talent Show Performances Ever

Jill O'Rourke
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The Voice Belgium

Talent shows are usually all about competition, friendly or otherwise. But sometimes things between the contestants get romantic, whether they’re an actual couple or not. For Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the love and chemistry during these amazing performances.

In fact, non-couples have delivered some of the most flirty and emotional duets we’ve ever seen. The Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent have featured some particularly lovey-dovey performances over the years.

1. D’Jess and Chris Rio, ‘The Voice Nigeria’

In 2017, these two contestants competed on Season 2 of The Voice Nigeria. They were pitted against each other in the Cross Battles, but their duet came across as anything but competitive. D’Jess and Chris performed “More Than Words” by Westlife.

They started the performance on separate stools, but by the end of the song they were embracing each other and touching each other’s faces. Their chemistry was so undeniable that you might be surprised to learn they weren’t a couple. However, they went on to release a single together after the show titled “This Dance.”

2. Chayce Beckham and Christina Daugherty, ‘American Idol’

In Season 19 of American Idol, Chayce and Christina were paired up to perform a duet. Before the performance, Chayce said the pair had gotten “extremely close.” They performed “July” by Noah Cyrus, bringing plenty of emotion to the breakup song.

Chayce moved on to the next round and went on to be named the winner of the show. However, Christina was eliminated after the duet, prompting Chayce to say, “It hurts my heart.” Katy Perry took note of this comment, telling her fellow judges, “They don’t even know they’re in love.”

3. Sepp Hendrix and Shauni Rau, ‘The Voice of Flanders’

Here’s yet another Battle that showed off the contestants’ chemistry. In 2016, Sepp Hendrix and Shauni Rau performed a duet of “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor on The Voice van Vlaanderen. The pair brought a flirtatious energy to the performance.

Sepp and Shauni circled each other as they sang, and eventually they even gazed into each other’s eyes and held hands. They ended the song with a hug. On YouTube, video of their romantic performance has racked up over 22 million views.


4. X-Couple, ‘America’s Got Talent’

Quebec performers Philippe Bélanger and Marie-Lee Guilbert used to be a couple, but they were broken up when they auditioned for Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. However, that didn’t stop them from showing off a sexy acrobatic performance during the Judge Cuts.

Philippe and Marie-Lee performed to “Addicted to Love,” displaying impressive flips and balancing moves. The performance was so steamy that another contestant backstage shared her hope that they would kiss. Guest judge Ne-Yo even asked if there was a possibility they’d get back together.

5. Albina Grčić and Filip Rudan, ‘The Voice Croatia’

These two performers managed to deliver a heart-wrenching performance together without ever looking each other in the eye. In 2019, Albina Grčić and Filip Rudan battled it out with a duet of “Lovely” by Billie Eilish on The Voice Hrvatska Season 3.

Albina and Filip stood back to back for the entire performance, but they were totally in sync, showing incredible emotion through their voices. They finished the song by reaching for each other’s hands and interlocking their fingers. As they crowd applauded, they finally turned around and hugged each other.

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