Teen Street Dancers Blow the Judges Minds on ‘BGT’


Lauren Halil and Terrell Forde are a powerhouse dancing duo that took their talents to the ‘BGT’ stage in 2014. The duo is full of talent and even put a smile on Simon Cowell’s face with their creative moves.

Lauren Halil, Terrell Forde Impress the ‘BGT’ Judges

Halil and Forde wore matching slick black suits as they conquered their street-dancing routine. The dance incorporated breakdancing, acrobatics, and krumping along with some hard-hitting hip hop moves.

Alesha Dixon was thoroughly impressed by the performance. She danced along to the song and was left in awe. She said that it was “one of the slickest dance duos we’ve seen for quite a long time.”


“I think you’re really, really talented and I was also really happy that it wasn’t some awful ballroom dance which I think I’m becoming allergic to,” Simon Cowell added. It takes a lot to impress him so this really is the best compliment of all.

Their audition went completely viral and has over 23 million views. It was no surprise when this dancing duo made it to the Semi-Finals.

They then performed a super spy-inspired routine where they were on a mission to save the day. This routine featured exciting acrobatic moves and a fun theme, but it wasn’t enough to move them forward in the competition. Holden did point out that she thought Halil was a star and stole the show.

One year later, the pair returned to ‘BGT.’ This time, they were part of a dance crew called IMD Legion. David Walliams recognized the duo right away. The audition took hip-hop dancing to the next level, but the group was again eliminated in the Semi-Finals.

Where Are They Now?

After appearing on ‘BGT’ twice, both Halil and Forde continue to pursue their dance careers. Forde starred in Matilda the Musical at The West End.

Halil is well on her way to becoming a social media sensation with her high-energy dance videos. She also has her own YouTube channel where she uploads vlogs and storytime videos.

Halil now has over 185,000 TikTok followers. Some of her dance videos have gone viral as she tackles the latest dance trends like wearing super high heels and doing a leg extension.

She also made a second TikTok account where she posts videos with her dad. The pair are absolutely hilarious together.

In 2018, Halil appeared in a British Vogue video with supermodel Naomi Campbell. She shared how dance has changed her life and helps with her self-discipline. According to the IMD Legion official website, Halil was also promoted to a choreographer for the group.



Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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