The Voice USA

Talent Recap Show Ep. 24: Johnny Bliss From ‘The Voice’ Joins Mel To Discuss The Current Season

I decided to take a breather this week and let someone else sit in my white leather chair. Luckily, we had someone amazing come in to talk to us: none other than Johnny Bliss from this season of The Voice

Johnny is, without a doubt, one of our favorite singers on the show so far this year. His sexy Spanish-language rendition of Preciosa had me feeling all the feels. He also won his battle this week against Megan Lee, even though NBC cheated us and put him in the montage. We figure that’s because they are saving him for awesomeness later on. Johnny talked to Mel about the nerve-wracking audition process, why he chose to sing in Spanish, and who he thinks might win it all, besides him of course.

He also gave us some behind the scenes tidbits from the performances in our top 5 and what it’s like working with the great Alicia Keys. This is one you definitely want to check out.