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‘Survivor’ Recap: Family Visits Leave Every Player In Tears

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On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the contestants remembered why the game is completely worth playing. They all got visits from their entire families for the first time ever. Keep reading to find out who won the battle of the secret advantages at tribal council. Plus learn who was voted out and on their way to the Edge of Extinction.


The Iconic ‘Survivor’ Family Visit Gets A Little More Emotional

The episode starts off with the reward challenge. But first, host Jeff Probst has a little surprise for all of the players. He brings out all of the player’s families one by one. And this season, small children were even allowed to come to support their parents! The best news of all is that there actually is no reward challenge. All of the families get to go back to camp and experience Survivor. From Tyson Apostol swimming in the ocean with his daughter to Jeremy Collins collecting seashells with his son, this episode is just full of love.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire episode was that the eliminated contestants over on the Edge of Extinction also get to see their loved ones. When the boat pulled up full of family members the tears started flowing on this island too. Natalie Anderson’s twin sister Nadiya even brought her infant baby for the visit. It was really heartfelt and you’re lying if you say you’re not crying while reading this.


The Immunity Challenge Is A Blast From The Past After Tearful Family Visits

This week’s immunity challenge might look a bit familiar. That’s because both Sarah Lacina and Ben Driebergen competed in the exact same challenge on their seasons. The players have to spell out the word “immunity” with blocks. It seems simple, right? Wrong. They must place each block one by one on a moving platform and slowly inch their way back to their pile of blocks. Any slight movement can cause their blocks to fall and they will have to start over.

Tony Vlachos and Jeremy are in the lead but Jeremy quickly drops his blocks. Tony looks pretty solid. It all comes down to Ben and Tony going head to head with one final block. Tony has never won an individual immunity challenge in his Survivor career. Will he be able to pull out this win? Yes!!! Tony wins individual immunity and two fire tokens and he can’t be happier. 

Tony Is Very Popular Back At Camp

At camp, several players approach Tony. They want to know who he wants to vote out. Jeremy tells Tony that he wants to break up the relationship between Sarah and Sophie Clarke and vote one of them out. Sarah wants to get rid of Kim Spradlin and calls her dangerous. However, the conversation between Sarah and Tony seems more like bickering.

Ben, Tony and Nick Wilson then devise a plan to target Jeremy. They think he always wants to go against the grain. Jeremy knows something is fishy and tries to form an alliance with Tyson, Kim, Denise Stapley and Michele Fitzgerald. They want to vote out Sophie. Kim juggles with the idea of playing her hidden immunity idol. Jeremy wrestles with the idea of using his advantage that will allow him to leave tribal council before voting begins. Sarah also wants to use her “steal a vote” advantage.

Tribal Council Is A Battle Of Secret Advantages

Whispering quickly begins at tribal council. Jeremy looks scared. Jeremy and Sarah both say “Jeff” at the same time as they both want to use their advantages. They get into a bit of a verbal sparring match trying to see what tricks the other has up their sleeve. Finally, Jeremy reveals that he has a secret advantage that allows him to leave tribal council immediately and not be a part of voting.  He leaves tribal council and will not be eliminated.

Sarah uses her “steal a vote” advantage. She steals Denise’s vote. Kim is now the person who looks worried. She uses her hidden immunity idol and plays it for Denise. Denise cannot be voted out. That was a HUGE mistake on Kim’s end. The votes are split between Sophie, Denise and the overwhelming majority for Tyson. Kim is left in shock as Tyson is voted out of the game and headed back to the Edge of Extinction for the second time. 


Tyson is furious as he leaves tribal council and flips off the boxes that hold fire tokens for each player. He clearly does not want to be stuck on the Edge of Extinction again with a lack of food but we honestly don’t blame him.


What do you think of Kim’s big move? Are you shocked that Tyson was voted out of the game for a second time? Tune in next week to see how his elimination effects alliances back at camp, and see if Tyson can earn his way back into the game yet again.

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