‘Survivor’ Recap: Eliminated Player Rejoins The Game Just In Time For The Merge

Samantha Agate
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Survivor Players Merge And One Player Rejoins The GameCBS

Tonight’s episode of Survivor featured everyone’s favorite event, the merge! All of the tribes joined together to form one large tribe. This allowed friends to reunite at the new camp and for an explosive tribal council to take place where nobody seemed to know which way the votes were going to go. Keep reading to find out who was sent to the Edge of Extinction in tonight’s episode and which player won their way back into the game.

A Close Challenge Leads To A Shocking Upset Before The Merge

The episode begins on the Edge of Extinction. The eliminated castaways are given a list of advantages they can buy with their fire tokens. All of the players with the exception of Yul Kwon, Amber Mariano and Parvarti Shallow use their fire tokens to gain advantages in the challenge. For the challenge, the players must navigate through an obstacle course and assemble a tool to reach a key. Once they reach the key they must unlock a door and navigate a ball through a maze until they get the ball into a hole. The first one to finish rejoins the game.

Boston Rob Mariano is first to get his keys and unlock the door. He moves on to the final phase very quickly. Everybody but Amber moved on to the ball maze. After Rob blows his lead and drops his ball he must start over. Tyson Apostol and Yul catch up to him. It seems like Yul is going to win until he drops his ball. Tyson and Rob are now going head to head. They are literally dead even and in the exact same position in the maze. Tyson knocks his ball into the hole and wins by a hair. He gets to rejoin the game. The other eliminated players head back to the Edge of Extinction. Jeff reveals they will have yet another shot to get back into the game.


The Tribes Merge And Celebrate With A Feast Where Denise Is Declared “The Queen Slayer”

Host Jeff Probst announces that the players have made it to the merge and they all celebrate. They get to their new camp and have a merge feast with a ton of food. At the merge feast, Denise Stapley discusses how she was the reason that Sandra Diaz-Twine got voted out. The players then declare that Denise is “the queen slayer.” Wendell Holland and Jeremy Collins establish a friendship and decide to work together. Jeremy says he wants to see Nick Wilson go home. But Wendell wants to get rid of Denise after making such a big game move. Ben Driebergen and Tony Vlachos talk about getting rid of Nick and Wendell.


The Immunity Challenge Is Filled With Tears

The immunity challenge took place on a day with strong winds and pouring rain. All of the players are shivering and complaining about how cold it is. But it is Sophie Clarke who begins to cry and raise concerns about whether or not she is okay.

The challenge itself is simple. Hang on to a pole for as long as you can. The first man and woman who hold onto the pole the longest each win immunity and a fire token. When the challenge starts, Michele Fitzgerald takes an extremely hard fall and is slow to get up. Adam Klein falls next and finally is able to get Michele off the ground with Sarah Lacina falling soon after. Tyson shockingly falls even though he has won this challenge in a past season.

Eventually, Denise and Kim Spradlin are the last two women left in the challenge. Kim loses her footing and falls. It is Denise that wins immunity for the women and a fire token. Jeremy and Nick are the two remaining men left in the challenge. They have an intense staredown as they cling onto the poles. Nick slips off of his pole. Jeremy wins immunity for the men and a fire token. He reiterates that he wants Nick to be voted out but doesn’t want anyone to know that it’s his idea.

Several Names Are Thrown Around Camp Causing Some People To Panic

Back at camp, the players scramble to figure out who they want to vote out. Nick wants to vote out Adam because he feels like he cannot trust him. Sophie wants to vote out Wendell to break up his alliance with Jeremy. Ben tells Jeremy about all of the names being thrown around. Jeremy doesn’t like that people want to vote out Wendell. Jeremy then changes his mind and wants to vote out Adam. More people talk about voting out Adam. Adam is confused about what the plan is. Ben says he is also confused about what the plan is. Viewers watching at home truly have no idea who will be voted out at tribal council.

Adam Is Extremely Paranoid At Tribal Council Before Voting Begins

At tribal council, Adam says he feels like people have been leaving him out of conversations all day. It makes him feel like he is on the chopping block. He wishes people would talk to him and tell him what the plan is. Wendell and Nick are confident that Adam is going to go home. But in the end, Wendell is voted out much to his surprise. He is sent to the Edge of Extinction and wields his fire tokens to Nick and Michele.

Both Nick and Michele exchange glances and are in shock that their ally just went home. Michele says she had no idea that anyone wanted to get rid of Wendell and Nick agrees. In the preview for next week’s episode it seems like Nick is seeking vengeance for Wendell and has a new target in sight: Sarah.


Were you surprised by the results of tonight’s tribal council? Tune in next week to see how Wendell’s elimination changes the dynamics of the game.

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