Surprisingly, Howie Mandel Was Not Kicked Off Of TikTok After Viral, Graphic Video

Corey Cesare
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Howie Mandel on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhoto by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

Beloved America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel was the talk of the town on TikTok over the weekend. If you logged into the video sharing app, you probably noticed memes about the comedian. If you missed it, Mandel shared a video featuring a graphic photo of a prolapsed rectum.

America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel apparently swayed away from his normal form of comedy on the video sharing platform. The comedian published a now deleted video of his friend’s rectal prolapse. Before the video was taken down, it reportedly racked in over 3 million views.

“When my friend Neal bent over this happened. Does somebody know if this is COVID related? And if it is, what do we do about it?” he said in the deleted video.

According to various health websites, this condition occurs “when part of the large intestine’s lowest section (rectum) slips outside the muscular opening at the end of the digestive tract (anus).” Even though many didn’t want to see this video, they practically confirmed that the graphic photo was a prolapsed rectum.

Most people who viewed the video didn’t know what they were looking at, while others wondered how it was posted to the app without punishment. It appears that his account is completely active at this time. Comments on the comedian’s recent post suggest that he should apologize for the graphic video. For those interested in seeing the video, I’m sure you can find it on YouTube or Twitter.

Fans Create Memes About Howie Mandel’s TikTok Slip Up

The fall out of this viral video was totally inevitable. Once it circulated on TikTok, people began commenting on the nature of the issue, which pushed the algorithm to show it to more people. The video was so popular that the comedian’s name trended on Twitter, due to newly created memes. These memes included many people saying that the video popped up on the app’s “For You Page” and they regretted looking at it.

The reaction videos and memes for this slip up have gained almost as many views as the original video on the streaming app. For those who don’t know, Mandel’s official TikTok account has gained over more than 9.9 million followers, due to his comedy content. Whenever the comedian has down time, he’s seen reacting to some of the funniest videos on the internet. It’s possible Mandel was attempting to make a joke with this video, but it clearly didn’t go over very well.

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