The Strategy This Season On ‘The Voice’ Is To Stop Blake Shelton


On this week’s episodes of The Voice, one thing was clear: Blake Shelton was getting no love from the artists…or his fellow coaches. Blake only picked up a couple of people for his team and was blocked from country singer Justin by Alicia Keys. It seems that part of everyone’s strategy this year on The Voice isn’t so much to be win for themselves but to beat Blake.

It’s easy to see why. Out of 14 seasons so far, Blake has won six including last season. Since the beginning he’s been the one to beat. Now with Alicia returning to the show to reclaim her winning throne and newcomer Kelly gunning for Blake’s country artists, it’s pretty clear that the other three coaches are banding together to beat Blake. That’s why Alicia blocked him and even though she didn’t pick up the artist she blocked Blake on, it will still help her in the end. It takes away a perfect artist that Blake could win with.

In other words, any loss or handicap on Blake is a potential help to the other three coaches. Then there is Adam who just enjoys watching Blake lose. That’s less a strategy and more of a lifestyle choice.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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