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Sofia Vergara’s Biggest Fashion Moments From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 16

Sofia VergaraElizabeth Morris/NBC

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Now that America’s Got Talent has concluded for the season, I think it’s safe to say Sofia Vergara killed the fashion game week to week on AGT. She seriously came to the show with some stunning yet simple styles and made it look effortless.

Normally, I say Heidi Klum is the most fashionable judge, for obvious reasons. But I seriously can’t get myself to forgive her for what I call “the flamingo mop dress.” I’m sorry girl, I just personally didn’t enjoy that one.

Throughout the entire season Vergara didn’t fail to serve looks for the audience. Even though her dresses were simple for the most part, all in all she was styled very well. Sometimes I even felt like her outfits made up for the lack of talent during the live shows.

Sofia Vergara’s Best Looks on AGT Season 16

5. The Pink Sweetheart off the Shoulder look

This dress looked absolutely amazing on Vergara. Neon pink doesn’t look good on many people, but it was made for Vergara. Although this look is relatively simple (not much makeup or accessories) it’s so stunning. I absolutely love the ring she added!


4. The Simple White Crystal Dress

Any female knows how much of a commitment a white dress is. It’s easy to spill things on, it’s hard to keep pure white, and sometimes mother nature isn’t on your side. Vergara showed that she has no wardrobe fears when she walked out in this white crystal dress. The dress itself is quite simple, but Vergara’s earrings were definitely a great touch.


3. Vergara’s Not So Little Black Dress

This black dress took the phrase “little black dress” and gave it a whole new meaning. When people hear that term they think a simple, slimming, no frills, black dress. Vergara gave it a new life by choosing a dress with stylized straps and flattering gemstones. One of my other favorite parts of this look is her straightened hair. There aren’t too many times this season that she’s worn her hair straight, so it immediately catches your eye in the best way possible.


2. The Blue Strapless Dress

She really rocked solid colored outfits this year like it was no one’s business, but this was definitely my favorite one. This was probably the most simple dress Vergara wore this season. Even though it was simple she still brought the dress to life. Her hair, makeup, and accessories complimented the elegant dress so well.


1. The Red Sweetheart Sequin Dress

There were no doubts about which outfit I would choose as my favorite. The color of this dress suits Vergara so well. I love how the sequins almost make it so it’s multicolored. The black and red contrast really brings a whole new element of fashion to such a simple dress. I think this looked amazing on her, it brought out the lightness in her hair, and her makeup is to die for. This is definitely my favorite look of the season.


Honorable Mention:

I absolutely loved Vergara’s blue sparkly dress from auditions, but it looked very uncomfortable. It reminded me of a dress I used to have for my Bratz doll growing up. She deserves a million dollars just for wearing this. The blue sparkly dress was definitely a staple look for Vergara this season, but it didn’t make my list because it seemed like the highest maintenance dress she wore.

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