Simon Cowell In Pajamas Judging ‘AGT’ Online Auditions From Home [VIDEO]

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It looks like the new season of America’s Got Talent is still moving along during the coronavirus pandemic. The judges are gearing up to judge auditions from home and they looked super comfy as they were ready to get this season going. Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum both wore elaborate pajama sets and Simon’s son Eric even made a special appearance. Take a look!

Simon Has Never Worn Pajamas On Any Reality Talent Competition

We love Simon Cowell, but we have never ever seen him wearing pajamas while judging one of the many shows he is involved in. Now, he literally changed his clothes after being encouraged by his fellow ‘AGT’ judges. “I was going to wear pajamas but I was strongly suggested not to,” says Simon in the video. “Why? No, you should, I have mine on,” says Heidi. Heidi’s silk pajamas with blue and green designs and leopards on them matched her colorful nails. Simon went on to say that his pajamas are almost identical to Heidi’s. “Go on, change,” she says, encouraging him. Simon’s son Eric hops in front of the camera to show off his own pajamas before they both exit the screen so Simon can put his pajamas on.


The other judges commented on how Heidi is sitting in such a well-lit room and they joke that it is because she is a model. Simon then returns in pajamas that look quite identical to Heidi’s. They also happen to be the same pattern as the ones that Eric had on. “It’s interesting also to see that even with the pajamas you wear it low cut in the front,” says Howie Mandell. Of course, we know how much Simon loves his v-neck t-shirts that show a little skin. This sent all of the judges into a fit of laughter.

Online Video Submissions For ‘AGT’ Have Now Re-Opened

Terry Crews said that you can still submit videos to if you would like to try out for the show this season. In this teaser video that was posted, Terry says that they will be looking at videos from acts all over the country while they are at home. Simon says that he “loves doing things for the first time.” They do not have their normal red buzzers so they had to get crafty and make their own. Sofia Vergara opted for a standard paper with a red X on it while Heidi has a heart-shaped panel with an X on it.

Simon has a small air horn along with a paper with an X on it. The air horn may be small but it sure is loud. Howie has the most elaborate X in the form of a button that looks a lot like the ones that the judges use on the ‘AGT’ set. “Or I also have this maybe,” Sofia says as she lifts up a pink bell. We love that the judges are getting crafty and utilizing the things that they have because the show must go on.

‘AGT’ Already Filmed A Few Episodes Before The Pandemic

About two months ago, filming for America’s Got Talent began at Pasadena Civic Auditorium. They filmed a few episodes before the coronavirus pandemic swept the world and put most of California on lockdown. Heidi Klum fell ill with just a cold, but it was enough for her to miss a few days of filming as Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet filled in for her.

Production was then halted, however, it has resumed a little differently. The judges will be watching online auditions from home. Some of these online auditions will be featured when the show starts airing. The judges along with Terry all communicate via Zoom and will give their feedback on the performances. And of course, it gives all the more reason for Simon Cowell to show off some more of his cool pajamas.


Season 15 of America’s Got Talent will premiere on May 26. The plan is to air all of the episodes that they first shot before the coronavirus pandemic and then slowly weave the social-distancing episodes into the season. Auditions and judges cuts usually run for about 10 weeks on America’s Got Talent so it will definitely be interesting to see what happens when it comes time for the live shows and if it will be safe for everyone to return back to the ‘AGT’ set.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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