Simon Cowell Gave Him the Buzzer, Magician Returns to “Hammer” it Out

AGT contestant gets destructive with hammerMatthew Honda | Talent Recap

America’s Got Talent magician and season 12 semi-finalist, Eric Jones, was definitely not the first person to fall victim to Simon Cowell’s red buzzer heavy hands. Cowell was unimpressed during Eric’s audition, but the other judges voted him through. When he returned, his new act took their critiques to heart, especially Cowell‘s. With hammer in hand, Eric made sure Cowell wouldn’t hit his buzzer again.

Contestant does what so many others wish they could

‘AGT’ Magician Returns for Revenge

This America’s Got Talent magician returned to impress the judges with a new routine during the Judges’ Cuts. He expressed at the start of the routine how he wanted to prove to the judges that he deserved to be in the competition.

The routine starts with a simple card trick, asking guest judge, Chris Hardwick, to sign the face of a regular seeming playing card. With a flick of the wrist, Eric has changed the color on the back of Hardwick’s card.

The trick continues as he folds the card up and begins to turn his focus to Cowell. He mentions he has “a bone to pick” and wanting to deliver a more “dynamic” act as he brings out a special magic wand: a hammer.

“It was always gonna happen one day,” Cowell joked as the contestant stood before him brandishing a blunt instrument. With a tap of the hammer, the card vanishes into thin air. Eric then raises his “wand” and smashes Cowell’s buzzer to reveal a folded card, confirmed by Hardwick to be the signed card. 

Eric Jones: More Dynamic Than ‘AGT’ Thinks

This sleight of hand magician is not new to wowing television viewers around the world. Before he appeared on ‘AGT,’ he performed magic on television in 13 countries, spanning 4 continents. Eric is an award-winning performer and his talents have graced some of magic’s most respected stages. He has even managed to stump magic duo Penn and Teller on their show, “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.”

Today, Eric is still traveling and showing off his unique tricks. He’s even designed his own set of beautiful and flashy playing cards with gold leaf to best show his magical skills.


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