Prince William And Katy Perry Broadcast Special Announcement For Mental Health

The Duke of Cambridge joins stars including Katy Perry and Stephen Fry to bring attention to mental health issues. The group broadcast a special radio announcement to kick off Mental Health Awareness Week for 2019.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health problems lack physical scars, which can make them harder to identify. For that reason, addressing these sort of ailments needs more of an effort to bring in attention. Star power has always been a proven way to bring awareness to an issue that may fall by the wayside for most people.

Prince William, Perry, and Fry were joined by Jameela Jamil, and Alesha Dixon to underline the importance of listening. The groups 1 minute radio segment was broadcast at 10:59am simultaneously across the UK.

The message focuses on the importance of listening and the positive effect it can have on mental well-being. Furthermore, they speak about the importance of identifying and addressing mental health issues.

The stars want to spread the message that anyone can have a profound effect on other people’s mental state. The only thing one needs to do is listen when someone is in need.

During the discussion Prince William says, “Being able to talk about how you’re feeling is essential to keeping physically and emotionally healthy.”

Mental health issues are all too often swept under the rug or ignored. Therefore, the group hopes by spreading awareness, they can get more people involved to make a positive difference.

The message is brought to you by Radiocentre and Heads Together, the mental health campaign led by the Duke’s Royal foundation. The message comes right on the heels of the launch of the Heads Together legacy project, Shout, a free 24/7 crisis text service.

In the past year studies have show, that 1 in 5 adults in the UK feel ashamed of their bodies. For that reason, this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week has body image at the forefront.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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