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Peter Rosalita Delivers Classic Ballad with Powerful Vocals on ‘America’s Got Talent’


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Peter Rosalita is just 10 years old, but his voice is mighty. He performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” for the very first live show of the season on America’s Got Talent. His performance was so good that Simon Cowell predicted he will make it through to the next round of the competition.

Peter Rosalita Steals the Show on ‘AGT’ with Whitney Houston Ballad

Peter lives with his mom, dad, and aunt in Abu Dhabi. He is a proud Filipino citizen. He has been singing for as long as he can remember. Peter’s audition has continued to blow up online. Celine Dion’s team even posted about it on Twitter. He had a lot to live up to with his next performance and he definitely delivered.

Peter donned a metallic suit and walked out onto the AGT stage with confidence. The metallic suit was a power move. He belted the lyrics to the classic ballad with very strong vocals. Confetti flew down from the ceiling as Peter lit up the stage front and center. He got a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire audience.

“Peter, I’ve got to hand it to you. It is so nerve-racking just walking out on that stage,” Cowell said. “You’re 10 years old and you’re gutsy. In my opinion, you’re going to sail through to the next round.”


Cowell did have some advice for Peter after predicting that America will vote him through to the Semifinals. He personally wants to hear Peter do a song by a younger artist. So far, he has only taken on songs by music legends.

“Choose a song next time that doesn’t feel like your mom’s chosen it,” Cowell said.

Peter’s performance was so awesome, we would be shocked if he didn’t secure himself a spot in the AGT Semifinals. He is a huge fan-favorite on the internet. We’ll just have to wait and see what song he decides to perform next.

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