Pakistani Performer Wows Judges But Is KICKED Out Of The Show For… [VIDEO]

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Pakistani performer, born in the UK and raised in Ipswich south-west of Brisbane, Adil grew up in a musical family with his sister. He learned to play saxophone, guitar, and violin while growing up. Watch him mesmerize the judges with his voice on X-Factor Australia.

Watch Adil Memon’s Audition

Pakistani Performer Wows Judges

He was 17-years-old while auditioning for X Factor. He is half-Pakistani and half-Australian. He participated in Season 4 of The X Factor Australia as part of the Boys category mentored by Mel B along with guest mentor Usher.

He is a lifeguard by profession. He says that he “enjoys being courageous, outdoor living and girls.” He believes that music is his “calling.”

Before the show, he told the viewers that “this is the biggest thing that has happened to me my whole life. I am so excited. ” When asked by the judges he said that “singing got out another dimension to my guitar playing”.

One of the judges praised him by saying that “You have everything that this competition is about. You’re amazing!”

Adil’s biggest writing influences is John Mayer, Matt Corby, Passenger, Ed Sheeran, and Frank Ocean, along with Newton Faulkner.

‘I’m a completely different artist now than I was back then. I went into the show as a guitar player who taught himself to sing; now I can confidently identify myself as an acoustic soul singer/songwriter. I have no idea where the music will take me but I’m looking forward to the journey” said Memon.

However, Adil and his close friend and fellow Top 12 contestant Josh Brookes were disqualified from the show, X-Factor for behaving in an inappropriate manner on a live Twitter video feed while the show was on.

Adil released an official music video named “Official.” He is all set to become a full-time musician. We wish Adil on the best for his music career!



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