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On A Budget? — Apple To Release CHEAPER iPhone Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

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It is no secret that new technology can get to be a bit expensive. Now especially, people are struggling financially as many have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has prompted Apple to release a new cheaper iPhone that will hopefully boost its sales.


The Tech Company Hoping To Financially Recover From Chinese Factories Closing

This cheaper phone is met with the intent to increase sales for Apple. Apple makes most of its iPhones in China. China has been at the center of the coronavirus pandemic with 82,295 confirmed cases. Most stores and offices in China were shut down beginning in February. The Zhengzhou plant in China produces the most iPhones and is a crucial part of sales and production. Workers only resumed working at the plant recently.

Apple predicted that quarterly sales would be low after the closure of some important Chinese factories. Apple stores in China also took a huge financial hit after being forced to close. On Jan. 28, Apple said it expected second-quarter revenue between $63 billion and $67 billion. After the release of their financial statement to the press, Chief Executive Tim Cook told Reuters the company was using a wider-than-normal prediction range because of the uncertainty created by the coronavirus outbreak in China.

All About The New iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE may look a bit familiar. That is because it is an update of a similar model that Apple produced four years ago. The original iPhone SE was sold up until 2018 but it is definitely trying to make a comeback. This new phone is eerily similar to the iPhone 8 which came out in 2017. Though it will not have extravagant cameras like the new iPhone 11’s, it will have the same A13 processing chip that’s inside the iPhone 11. And the best part is, this new phone will only cost $399. This is a huge difference from the thousands of dollars that newer iPhone’s go for these days.


While the iPhone 11 does not have a home button, the new iPhone SE is reintroducing this iconic feature. It also has a 4.7-inch screen which is larger than the screen of the original iPhone SE.

People Are Impressed With Apple’s New Marketing Tactics

It seems like Apple really threw consumers a curveball with the release of this phone. Since its internal hardware is similar to the more expensive iPhone 11, people think there will be some regrets for those who went out and bought it when it was first released.

Twitter users gave major props to Apple for updating this iPhone SE model with some newer features without having to spend a fortune on it.

One twitter user wrote “You can recycle ideas and make a great phone Apple.”

One man posted a tweet about how his wife is going to buy this new phone. He said, “My wife loves her iPhone SE. She’s very smart but doesn’t care about having thin bezels or OLED screens. She likes her home button. But her battery is dying, so she’s buying one of the new SE models Apple announced today. I’m glad to see tech coverage focused on folks like her.” It certainly seems like a phone that a lot of people will enjoy.

The new iPhone SE is available for pre-order starting on April 17, and will ship out on April 24. We’d suggest you get this deal while you can if you are in need of a new phone and don’t want to spend a fortune especially if you are on a coronavirus budget.


If you splurged on the iPhone 11 do you regret making that choice now? I know I do.

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