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Nick Viall Opens Up About Mental Damage of Being a Reality TV Star

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Nick Viall thinks that reality television must do better in taking care of their cast. The Viall Files host recently talked about the terrible aftermath of joining a reality show and how their lack of therapy programs worsened the situation.

Nick Viall Talks Insufficient Mental Support on Reality TV

In his latest appearance on Howie Mandel Does Stuff, Viall discussed the pressure of being a reality TV star. According to the DWTS alum, “most of the damage comes after the aftermath of the show.”

Mandel then recounted his experience on America’s Got Talent, stating that they have a psychologist consistently available for the cast. Unluckily, Viall didn’t benefit from the same system during his stint on The Bachelor.

“I don’t think they were made available to the cast as much as I think they should have. And then, post-show, the therapist was in theory, always available but again not to the extent in which I think they should be,” he said.


Viall stated that it’s not necessarily the long days that’s frustrating, but rather the internet’s overwhelming opinion. As per the podcast host, there’s “a little bit of a hypocrisy” with people who promote online hate and bullying.

Recognizing the sometimes, lack of mental support from the show, Viall believes that it’s best to look after his own.

“I think no one’s going to take care of your mental health more than you’re going to so I think we have to, you know, be accountable for our mental health first and foremost,” he said.

Amid the unsatisfying experience, Viall said that The Bachelor has perhaps “drastically improved” its ways. At present, the cast of the dating reality television series enjoys an “aftercare program.”

He Defends Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss Against Bullying

Elsewhere in the podcast, Viall also took the time to share his sentiments on the Tom Sandoval-Ariana Madix-Raquel Leviss cheating controversy. The DWTS alum stated that Sandoval and Leviss have received extreme hate they don’t deserve.

“While Tom and Raquel made a mistake, they don’t deserve to be bullied to the point where people are telling them to kill themselves and things like that. It’s terrible stuff, and unfortunately, we live in this kind of mob mentality where unfortunately, small majority of fans don’t see us as human beings,” he said.

For those who may not know, the Vanderpump Rules couple split in March 2023 after nine years of being together, after he had an affair with Leviss. Madix discovered that Sandoval and Leviss slept together. Consequently, Madix broke up with Sandoval over the course of the night.

“They see us as actual characters and there’s this weird thing of like I know you because of who you are because you’re playing yourself but they don’t treat us like human. They treat us like characters they would hate on a Marvel movie,” he said.

Meanwhile, of receiving occasional backlash on social media, Sandoval said he seldom responds.

“I have received nasty and hateful comments and I almost never respond to people. But if I ever were to respond, it’s always with kindness,” he said.

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