Most Revealing Fact About ‘The Voice’ Promos Is What’s Missing

Mriganka Chawla
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The Voice season 17 is about to hit the airways and we’re all excited and looking forward to the return of Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and the OG Blake Shelton. But as we watch the promo videos one by one, we notice a stark difference between The Voice and most other reality shows like America’s Got Talent, The X Factor or even American Idol. So let’s watch these videos, then see what’s different?

Watch The Voice Promos, What do You See?
John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton in The Voice promo

You see John legend and yes he’s gorgeous. Congratulations Crissey Teigen. We see Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson.

If you haven’t seen The Voice before, here’s how it works. Aspiring singers audition, while four superstar coaches (not judges) sit with their backs to the stage, hoping to turn thier chair for the next singing sensation. The famous chair turn gives the contestant a chance to join that coach’s team. From there, the contestants sing to an audience of at-home and studio viewers, who vote for the contestants they believe in. A $100,000 cash prize and a record deal with Republic Records.

The Voice Season 17 “Sleepover” Promo

This promo is Gwen, Blake John and Kelly on a sleepover having fun. The best part about the is how casual they seem and the bond they share with each other. See? Celebrities are just like us too.

The Voice Promo: Blondes vs Bros

It’s a whole new game this season as the blondes go up against the bros and the promo is adorable. We love watching the judges of The Voice and the promo is getting us hyped up for the season premiere of The Voice, Monday, September 23 at 8/7c on NBC.

The King Of The Voice: Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is the king of The Voice and we will totally bow down to him

Blake Shelton has been on The Voice longer than any other coach and thinks of himself as the king of the show, which makes the two of us. The promo above shows is Blake’s epic Voice journey and how the other coaches feel about the “king.” Did you see Gwen’s reaction?

What You Don’t See In ‘The Voice’ Promos?

Here’s what you don’t really see, the artists! The Voice isn’t a show about celebrity friendships. Or a show about sleepovers. It is about singers competing for the big “V” shaped title, but you wouldn’t know it from watching these promos. They rarely tease anything from the contestants or make it about who’s the next big “Voice”? We see a ton of in-depth coverage of the various dynamics between the coaches, but what about the performers?

Blake Shelton reacts to Adam Levine leaving The Voice

Why Is ‘The Voice’ Doing This?

The producers of the show have decided that the show is more about the celebrity coaches than the artists, it seems. They are are convinced that the people are tuning in to watch Adam Levine and Blake Shelton go at it or Kelly Clarkson’s unstoppable chatting habits. It’s what kept the show hot for an historic 16 seasons. Now with Adam Levine gone, one major dynamic is no longer there but the show must go on. Enter Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Will Gwen vs Blake create that same magic? Will it be even bigger and better than ever? This is what the fans are waiting to see and thanks to the aspiring artists they will get see just that.

The Voice Season 16 Winner Maelyn Jarmon – All performances on the show

Is This Why The Voice Winners Don’t Make It Big?

Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood after winning “American Idol” in 2002 and 2005 went on to earn a combined 10 Grammy Awards. We have never heard of a Voice contestant that is that level famous post the show. Is that a coincidence or is The Voice more about the celebrity coaches than the artists?

Food for thought.

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