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Morgan Wallen Says He Used Racial Slur “Playfully” in Leaked Video

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Former The Voice contestant Morgan Wallen spoke to Good Morning America four months after video of him using a racial slur leaked on the internet. You won’t believe what he had to say about it.

Wallen said he and his friends chose to go crazy for the weekend, and that’s how the situation started. He admitted that this was just a situation where a conversation between he and his friends was overhead and now the entire internet has heard it.

He admitted to his wrong doings. When asked what made him think the word was appropriate, Wallen admitted to being ignorant in his use of the word. But also suggested that he was using it in a playful manner.

The interviewer explained that the racial slur Wallen used was used as a dehumanizing tactic in history.

“I don’t know how to put myself in their shoes because I’m not…” said Wallen. “But I do understand especially when I say that I’m using it playfully, or whatever, ignorantly, I understand that that must sound like he doesn’t understand.”


He also spoke about some black-owned organizations that reached out to him after the video leaked. He says he had some real and honest conversations with these organizations, and even checked himself into rehab. For 30 days he was trying to figure out if the problem was him, or something much larger.

Wallen Moves Forward in the Music World

The leaked video taken in January showed Wallen using a racial slur outside of his Nashville, Tennessee home. This video is said to have been leaked by his neighbors. The country star says multiple slurs within this video.

After the video leaked, Wallen was pulled from his label, his songs were no longer streamable, and he is now in-eligible for the upcoming country music awards.

Before this all happened, Wallen’s album was doing extremely well. But, after the event, it did even better. There was $500,000 spike in the album’s sales, which they decided to donate to some black-owned organizations.

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