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Meet Brandon Leake, The One of a Kind ‘AGT’ Winner Competing in ‘AGT All-Stars’

Brandon Leake on 'America's Got Talent All-Stars'Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

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The winner of America’s Got Talent season 15 is the one and only spoken-word poet that has ever won the popular show. His passion for his work has propelled his career to new heights even after the show. Now an award-winning poet and motivational speaker, Leake is looking to solidify himself as one of the very best on AGT All Stars.

Brandon Leake is an Inspiring Winner

Leake is a motivational speaker and spoken word poet that recognized the power of words and poetry in conveying a message. He’s very passionate about motivating others and has even started an organization aimed to help the youth through poetry.

Leake was born on May 4, 1992 in Stockton, California, and was raised from the ghettos before taking his position on the international stage. He persevered through the loss of important family members and an abusive family in order to attend college.

In My Thoughts, his debut album which he released in 2016, served as the catalyst for his tours of Los Angeles, New York, and other cities. The subjects of Brandon’s writings have included his late sister, his parents, wife, and daughter.

He performed across 36 US states, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada as part of his Dark Side Tour to promote his published poems and the album Deficiencies: A Tale from My Dark Side. He works as an academic adviser at San Joaquin Delta College and teaches at Brookside School Daycare Center, where he previously worked alongside his wife.


Leake Has a One Hour Special on The CW Network

Leake’s innovative and groundbreaking one-hour special titled Brandon Leake: A Family Affair Features eight original spoken word poems. The audience will receive an up-close look at Brandon’s life in Stockton, California, as well as meet the individuals that influenced Brandon’s poetry.

Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce aka Beedy is the director of the special, while Rotten Science and Three Arts Entertainment are the producers. Leake’s unique ability to merge comedy and depth to relate his own experiences to universal themes of love, sorrow, and community, are the highlights.

Leake’s personal life experiences as well as his AGT journey has led him on the beautiful path of poetic endeavors. The fans of Leake are very much excited for his long-awaited return to the AGT stage, his motivation is certainly sky-high at the moment.

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