Who is the Walrus? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction & Clues!

Kyle Montplaisir
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Walrus on 'The Masked Singer's 90's NightCR: Michael Becker / FOX

The new format on The Masked Singer season 8 has fresh singers and fun themes taking center stage every week! And with 90’s Night this week, they’re celebrating their 100th episode. So we should have some epic performances and reveals, right?

Well Walrus hopes that’s true because they’ll be making their debut! But who could be under the mask? And what are the clues we have so far? Let’s get into it.

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 8

Ahead of 90’s Night, we only got one clue about the Walrus’s identity. On The Masked Singer’s Instagram, the show released “mask-ray” clues for each contestant. Walrus’s clue was a fish! Fitting for his costume, but not exactly enough to work with.

In the episode, we got the first real set of clues about the Walrus. When he walked out, his clue was that he “comes in threes.” His package started with him at a mall “surrounded by a full house of screaming fans.” One of the men in black hands him a screenplay for a rom com. For Walrus, it all started when he “tap danced on the desk of a late night talk show legend.” That was just the beginning of his “heartthrob origin story!” Two of the men in black piece together a broken heart that forms a music note when they merge.

Walrus then says “picture this: flannel shirt, leather jacket, floppy hair, a killer zip code, and a catchphrase that’s permanently cemented into pop culture!” We see a polaroid of the Walrus with “summer to remember” written under it. He then pets a cat that we see is named “JENNY.” Now, he’s introduced himself to a whole new generation of streaming fans. Lance Bass delivered one last clue about TV theme songs.

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Walrus

Before the season, the guessing game already began in the comments! People online have guessed that it could be Lance Bass, Pat Monahan of Train, Joe Pesci, Darius Rucker, Justin Long, Nev Schulman from Catfish, or someone from Deadliest Catch. The consensus seems to be that the Walrus is male, but everything else is all over the place.

Once 90’s Night aired, the judges made their guesses. Ken said this could be “one person and one person only,” John Stamos. Robin predicted it’s Joey Lawrence, but Nicole didn’t know. She went with Mark-Paul Gosselaar or Mario Lopez from Saved By the Bell.


Who is the Walrus on The Masked Singer?

Walrus lit up the stage on 90’s Night, but at the end of the episode, he had to go home. And the Walrus was revealed to be…

Joey Lawrence!

100 episodes down and even more reveals! Stay tuned for more Masked Singer madness the rest of season 8.

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