Jordin Sparks or Jordyn Woods? ‘The Masked Singer’ Kangaroo Rumors DEBUNKED!

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The Masked Singer season 3 kicked off with a new group of contestants after the Super Bowl. But none have stumped the panel (and audience at home) as much as the Kangaroo. Her clues are proving that this season, the guessing game is harder than ever! But who is the Kangaroo?

Here are the clues and predictions for the Kangaroo so far! Plus, why some popular theories are WRONG about the celebrity under the mask.
Kangaroo performing “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn on The Masked Singer season 3 premiere

Clues On The Masked Singer Season 3

Episode 1: Kangaroo starts her clues by saying, “I’m a survivor.” She said she recently lost someone who held her family’s heart together, then found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Paparazzi is shown trying to take her picture then a gramophone is displayed on screen. The Kangaroo has to fight for her family and show that bullies never win. She is shown jumping rope over a vine.

Episode 2: The Kangaroo is seen on a “Kangaroo Kourt,” playing basketball and mentioning it feels like she’s been watching her life “from the sidelines.” She knows she just needs to “get back in the game,” which she says as makeup is shown on a bench. She plays basketball against men in red “23” jerseys, one of them with the name “Deejay” on it. Kangaroo says she’s “owning this underdog story” and “not pulling any punches.” When she kicks one of her opponents in the face, a blue bird flies out from his head. She wants to be a role model for her “little roo.” At “The Masked Singer Academy,” the Kangaroo was voted “Most Likely to Appear on a List With Seal and Mike Tyson.”

Episode 3: Kangaroo said she’s “humbled” to be here. Her kid brother says he’s her younger brother by only one year. Though she was a drama queen as a teenager, Kangaroo is the most resilient person he knows. A model airplane is shown hanging from the ceiling. When tragedy hit their family, she held them together. Then, we see an angel woven out of rope and cloth. He also talks about her ability to “rise above the haters.” Kangaroo’s kid brother says he “couldn’t be more proud.”

Popular Guesses for The Kangaroo

The judges have been all over the place with their guesses for the Kangaroo. They’ve guessed Jordin Sparks, Kelly Rowland, Iggy Azalea, Candace Parker, Tatyana Ali, Gabrielle Union, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Lindsay Lohan. All of those predictions in only THREE episodes! But online, the conversation has focused mostly on Jordin Sparks and Jordyn Woods as of late. Other names thrown out have been Kesha, Kylie Minogue, Serena Williams, and Bindi Irwin.

Kangaroo performing “Diamonds” by Rihanna on The Masked Singer season 3

Why The Masked Singer Kangaroo is NOT Jordin Sparks

So when it comes to the most popular guesses for the Kangaroo, Jordin Sparks and Jordyn Woods are the clear front-runners. But a few of the clues just don’t line up for Jordin Sparks. First of all, her voice. Many people have mentioned that Jordin Sparks recently got vocal-cord surgery so her voice may sound different than we remember. This video of Jordin singing “She Used to Be Mine” from Waitress would say otherwise! She is still insanely talented and her tone and vibrato are distinct. Simply said, she can’t be the Kangaroo.

When it comes to clues, in the first clue package, the Kangaroo says she’s “never done anything like this before.” Jordin Sparks literally got her start on a singing competition show (American Idol) so that wouldn’t make any sense coming from her. She also mentions being in the spotlight “for all the wrong reasons,” but Jordin hasn’t been in the headlines at all recently. And honestly, she’s never really had any bad press.

Our Prediction & Clues Decoded

With Jordin Sparks ruled out, we know that the Kangaroo has to be…Jordyn Woods! And we have the clues decoded to prove it.


Just listening to the general tone of the clues packages, you know this has to be someone who’s been through a lot. Jordyn Woods had a recent, very public falling out with the Kardashian clan (including her best friend Kylie Jenner) over a cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. That also explains the basketball clues. She also goes by “Heir Jordan,” a play on Michael Jordan’s shoe brand, so the “23” clue is a nod to that.

Kangaroo mentions a loss in her family and Jordyn Woods’ dad passed away in 2017. Her “kid brother” also mentions this when he talks about her. And Jordyn has a little brother named John Woods III. The gramophone in the first clues package also alludes to her dad, who was a TV sound engineer.

We also saw a vine and Twitter bird in the clues, which point to Jordyn’s social media presence. The makeup clues also reference her makeup tutorials on YouTube. We then saw a jersey with “DEEJAY” written on it, which could be hinting at Jordyn’s DJing career. And the model airplane, her modeling career.

When Kangaroo mentions a “little roo,” many fans thought this had to be a kid. But I think it’s Jordyn talking about her younger sister, who she’s very close to! And her “Most Likely to Appear on a List With Seal and Mike Tyson”? Celebrities with tooth gaps. Finally, she says she sat at the same table as guest panelist Leah Remini, and that table is the “Red Table Talk.”


Did we miss any clues? There will be plenty more when The Masked Singer airs again on Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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