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Who is the Armadillo? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

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Round 2 of The Masked Singer season 7 is finally here! And with a new round comes five new contestants singing for their lives every week. Armadillo charged onto stage and impressed the panelists and audience alike with his voice and high kick.

But who is the Armadillo? Let’s break down all the clues and make our celebrity prediction!


Clues on The Masked Singer Season 7

The Armadillo’s clues are in black and white. He says he has a “tough exterior” while stepping with his boot on a rock. But he’s “soft on the inside.” After a long day, his shell is “scuffed, dented, or straight up bruised.” Hot dogs are shown being grilled, then a cake made of ground beef.

He’s advertising his “must-have product,” called Armadillo Scrubs. One of the Men in Black is seen in sunglasses with sparkles highlighting them. Armadillo says the product “wipes out scum like nothing else.” One of the Men in Black is seen with a bow and arrow while Armadillo comments,”whether I’m chasing down my enemies or snuggling up to my lady.”

After his performance, Armadillo said he “was born on a mountain and raised in a cave, scrapping and singing is all I crave.”

The Masked Singer Armadillo performs “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Armadillo

The panelists all seemed to agree that Armadillo is an actor. Ken thought it might be Chuck Norris. Nicole went with Erik Estrada. And Jenny predicted it was Vin Diesel.

Online, a lot of people are agreeing with Jenny’s guess of Vin Diesel! Other popular names include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Who is the Armadillo on The Masked Singer?

Compared to other mysteries this season, the Armadillo hasn’t been the hardest one to crack! The voice and mannerisms all line up with the clues pointing to one celebrity.

On that note, The Masked Singer Armadillo is…

Getty Images NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 24: Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman visits the SiriusXM Studios on April 24, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

Dog the Bounty Hunter!

Again, everything just lines up and that energy and voice are spot-on Dog the Bounty Hunter! Here’s how it can all be explained.

The boots and sunglasses are both clues pointing to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s usual attire. He rocks both fashion statements often! There were also many clues alluding to his show and his job chasing down criminals. Some of these include his being “scuffed, dented, or straight up bruised” at the end of a long day, him “chasing down…enemies” and him “wiping out scum.”

A few clues also pointed directly to his name! We saw hot DOGS and a guy with a bow and arrow like a HUNTER. I mean, come on…they’re practically giving us this one! He also mentioned “snuggling up” to his lady and Dog the Bounty Hunter is currently married (to his sixth wife). Finally, the clue he gave after his performance also checks out. Dog the Bounty Hunter was born in Denver, Colorado, (so on a mountain) and joined an outlaw motorcycle club at 15 and ran away from home (which explains the “raised in a cave, scrapping” line).


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