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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Smackdowns Return With a SHOCKING Elimination!


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Competition on The Masked Singer is heating up! There are only eight celebrities left, with TEN already revealed! And tonight, the Night Angel will take on the Kangaroo and the Astronaut is up against the Turtle.

So who will sing for their life and who will be unmasked? Read our Masked Singer recap below to find out!

Night Angel vs Kangaroo

Clues for Night Angel vs Kangaroo on The Masked Singer

Who is the Night Angel?

Night Angel performing “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain on The Masked Singer

Clues: For tonight’s clues, each contestant had their bags put through an x-ray machine. In Night Angel’s bag, there was a snow globe, a bee, a tiara, and an ostrich. Her bag was tagged “BOSS” and says “THE BAG IS MINE.”

Performance: Night Angel kicked off the show with “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain. She had a lot of sass, just like the song calls for. Plus, I love the rasp in her voice. Her high notes were a little screechy for me, but I’ll let it slide this week because this was fun to watch!

Judges’ Guesses: Taraji P. Henson, Keke Palmer, Vanessa Williams

Who is the Kangaroo?

Kangaroo performing “No Air” by Jordin Sparks on The Masked Singer

Clues: Kangaroo’s bag was tagged “FIRST.” In it, we saw Big Ben, a ship in a bottle, lipstick, and a record player. She also mentioned that she’s “never sung in front of people” before.

Performance: To compete with the Night Angel, Kangaroo sang “No Air” by Jordin Sparks. Jordin Sparks is hard to cover! But Kangaroo did a pretty solid job on it. The song does require a lot of vocal gymnastics and range that Kangaroo didn’t quite have. I love her tone though!

Judges’ Guesses: La La Anthony, Blac Chyna, Ayesha Curry

And after the Kangaroo’s performance, it was announced that she lost against the Night Angel. Now, she will be in a Smackdown with the loser from the second match-up of the night.

Astronaut vs Turtle

Clues for Astronaut vs Turtle on The Masked Singer

Who is the Astronaut?

Astronaut performing “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes on The Masked Singer

Clues: In the Astronaut’s bag, we saw a plane, a lightbulb glowing green, an accordion, and the White House. The tag on it said, “WARNING DO NOT OPEN” with “WARNING” highlighted in yellow.

Performance: For the next match-up, Astronaut sang “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes. I don’t think Astronaut hits every note perfectly but he’s still a talented vocalist. He has a great range and commands the stage when he takes it!

Judges’ Guesses: Ben Platt, Seth Green, Austin Mahone

Who is the Turtle?

Turtle performing “Let It Go” by James Bay on The Masked Singer

Clues: The Turtle’s bag had a gavel, a journal with a crown on it, a perfume bottle, and a baseball mitt inside. It also had a tag with an arrow pointing left and a tag with “NEVER KEEP OPEN THIS BAG” printed on it.

Performance: Singing “Let It Go” by James Bay, Turtle closed the night in epic fashion. He is definitely a singer! And a force to be reckoned with this season. There’s so much passion and emotion behind his voice. Starting the performance sitting on a stool set a vibe too that I was here for.

Judges’ Guesses: Adam Lambert, Joey McIntyre, Niall Horan

Once the Turtle and Astronaut both sang, the audience and panelists voted and Turtle won. That means Astronaut is going head-to-head with Kangaroo in the Smackdown tonight!

Smackdown: Kangaroo vs Astronaut

Fox Kangaroo vs Astronaut in The Masked Singer Smackdown

The Kangaroo started by singing “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. She had a solid performance, but I don’t know that this was the right song choice for her. Especially up against the Astronaut! Then, Astronaut fought back with “Bye, Bye, Bye” by *NSYNC. The song was perfect for the scenario and Astronaut kept the boy band vibes strong. In the end, the Kangaroo lost the Smackdown. She will be unmasked next!

The Kangaroo is Revealed on The Masked Singer Season 3

Lastly, it came time for final guesses. Ken thought it might be Kiera Knightley or Cat Deeley. Robin predicted it was La La Anthony. Nicole guessed Blac Chyna. Jenny’s “new guess” was Jordyn Woods. Finally, guest panelist Yvette Nicole Brown thought it might be Ayesha Curry.

Then, the Kangaroo was revealed to be…

Kangaroo is revealed on The Masked Singer

Jordyn Woods!

Just like we predicted! And Jenny got it right too, out of nowhere. But all the Kardashian clues finally clicked tonight. Tune in with us again next week when the other four singers compete: Banana, Frog, Kitty, and Rhino. We’ll be back for The Masked Singer, next Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX!

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