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‘The Masked Singer’ Group B Playoffs Recap + A Reveal NO ONE Saw Coming!


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The Masked Singer has been tougher than ever to figure out this season. And this week is no different! Not only did the Group B performers bring it with every song, but there was a shocking unmasking that no one could predict.

The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs had one of the craziest, most unexpected reveals in the show’s history! Plus, guest judge Joel McHale was back to join in the guessing action. Here’s our recap of the episode:

Who is The Serpent?

The Serpent performs “The Bones” by Maren Morris on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Serpent kicks off his clues at an ATM holding a croissant. He says he’s taken an “unorthodox path” to get here, talking about how he could “barely make rent.” We see a “$2 REMANING” balance on a receipt, then “$2 OFF” in a store. He talks about selling clothes in the past and we see a manequin in scrubs. Serpent then puts on a hard hat and says he’s also done manual labor. He had patience, but all he heard from the “gatekeepers” was no. But he finally broke through, as his pink Cadillac bursts through a gate, while he’s holding a croissant trophy.

Serpent’s childhood clue was a baby bottle. He comments, “this baby bottle should get your wheels turning.”

Performance: The Serpent brought his sweet, soulful voice to “The Bones” by Maren Morris this week. He definitely has some experience on the stage! His falsetto is on point and you can feel the emotion in his voice. That’s the sign of a real singer.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny pieces together the bottle clue, guessing it’s Taye Diggs, who has been in “Got Milk?” ads. Joel predicts it’s Jesse Williams. Nicole thinks it could be Brian McKnight.

Who is The Crocodile?

The Crocodile performs “Toxic” by Britney Spears on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Crocodile says that being on the show has “really revived [his] love for performing.” He hasn’t felt this passionate about it since he was a kid! We see an Americn flag and a pirate flag (with a skull and crossbones) in front of a house with a “5” on it. The house has an anchor, a disco ball, and a can of hair spray in it. Crocodile says he remembers performing in his backyard and he is seen next to an orange tree. But his father didn’t believe in him. When he got his first check for $100, he finally believed in him. Then, he says “shazam!” His dreams became a reality.

Crocodile’s childhood clue was a piñata filled with little dolphins. He says, “I just cracked the case wide open, because this clue has an important porpoise to it.”

Performance: In a complete 180 from his first performance, the Crocodile took on Britney Spears’ “Toxic” in the Group B Playoffs. And he tore up that stage! You gotta love the energy and his willingness to put his own spin on this classic anthem.

Judges’ Guesses: Nicole guessed Adam Lambert, which Robin agreed with. Ken thought it could be Lenny Kravitz. Joel predicted it’s Harry Connick Jr.

Who is The Baby Alien?

The Baby Alien perform “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: Baby Alien speaks in an Eastern European accent and has his clues centered around “BaBywatch.” He is seen on a beach with a sand horse sculpture. Baby Alien says he’s ben “roasted before” and squirts a bottle of sunscreen all over. He had his public relationships probed and talks about close encounters with “money hungry sharks.” Baby Alien puts ketchup and mustard on a giant hot dog. He then uses a fire hydrant to ward a shark off.

His childhood clue was a fire truck. “This particular toy was near and dear to my hearts. But Joel McHale, you’re hot on my trail.”

Performance: Singing “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons, Baby Alien seemed to have a lot of fun this time around. He’s not the best singer or performer in the competition, but he’s entertaining. And how could you not love the costume? The fact that he’s puppeteering the whole time is impressive too.

Judges’ Guesses: Joel guessed it is Eric Bana. Jenny predicted it could be Sasha Baron Cohen or Jeff Dunham, since he’s famous for his puppeteering. Ken thought about David Hasselhoff, but went with the “next logical choice,” Taylor Lautner.

Who is The Whatchamacallit?

The Whatchamacallit performs “Money Maker” by Ludacris on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: Whatchamacallit’s clues started with a shoutout to his glam squad. He says it takes “36,524 brush strokes” to make him camera ready. It’s taken him some “rough patches” to get where he is though. Green planes fly by him while he floats into the air holding balloons. At the height of his career, he was “ready to dance like never before.” We see a music staff with three “B” notes on it. He gets news about his mom being in “bad shape” on a brown shoe phone. Whatchamacallit wanted to be by her side, but he realized “my dream was her dream.” He says she’s going to “freak” when she finds out, and five 10 cent pieces are shown.

Whatchamacallit’s childhood clue was a book titled “Hairy Tales of the Watcha Fam” by Doodad Doohickey. He said, “I love a bedtime story and I’m an open book. So Ken, you should know exactly who I am.”

Performance: What a fun performance by Whatchamacallit! He rapped “Money Maker” by Lucadris and brought back a lot of great memories. You can tell he loves being on the stage, but he might be a little out of his element there.

Judges’ Guesses: After getting called out, Ken refused to answer at first, then threw out Kyrie Irving or Armie Hammer. Jenny thought it could be Cam Newton but the other panelists say it couldn’t be him because of the football season. Robin guessed T.O., Terrell Owens.

Who is The Seahorse?

The Seahorse performs “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: Seahorse’s clues start with her saying she’s a bit “tame” in her normal life. She’s in a carriage with a smile crossed out on it. The Seahorse walks up to the “Under the Sea Saloon and Rodeo,” where there’s a “PLACE YOUR BETS” sign outside. She says “this ain’t my first rodeo” and we see men in black dressed in Daisy Dukes. As a baby Seahorse, she “acted so hard to be a hero and make a name for [herself],” but it only led to rejection. We see a brand with “FAIL” written on it. Seahorse then jumps into a fish tank with four flying clocks reading 9:00 and a broken heart with “A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR <3 MAKES” written on it. She posted up in her room for “what felt like a thousand years.” Lately, she’s suffered “unimaginable loss and pain.”

Her childhood clue was a balloon filled with feathers. She explained, “Light as a feather, heavy on clues. This should help you not confuse.”

Performance: Ugh, I love the Seahorse. I’m ready for her to win it all. She CRUSHED “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. That’s not an easy song to sing either! The Seahorse has an incredible range and the runs she does…flawless. I’m calling it now, she’s the one to beat this season!

Judges’ Guesses: Robin thought it might be someone from American Idol, but went with Bebe Rexha for his guess. Nicole said Pia Toscano, if it’s someone from Idol. Jenny predicted the Seahorse is Camila Cabello. Joel guessed it could be Jessica Simpson.

A Shocking Celebrity is Revealed on The Masked Singer Season 4!

And now, it’s the most anticipated moment of the night! The costume that would be taking off the mask tonight (after a vote from super fans and audience members) was Baby Alien.

But which celebrity was under the mask?

The Baby Alien is revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs


He completely fooled everyone! No one was even close to guessing him, as most panelists (and guesses online) focused on comedians or actors. Next week, we’ll see six BRAND NEW singers in Group C. Join us for The Masked Singer again next Wednesday, but until then check out our recaps on YouTube.

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