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‘The Masked Singer’ Group A Playoffs Recap: Robin Thicke SHOCKED by Giraffe Reveal


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It’s another exciting week on The Masked Singer! And with Group A taking the stage again, things are bound to heat up. We’ve already seen bigger names and better performances than ever this season, but can this week keep the momentum going?

Well to put it simply, The Masked Singer Group A Playoffs brought the heat! Only three celebrities can move on to the Group A Finals. So who will it be? Here’s out recap of all the action, including the guest judge Joel McHale.

Who is The Popcorn?

The Popcorn performs “Falling” by Harry Styles on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Popcorn’s clues started with her saying her favorite part of the show is “flirting with Nick.” Then, we saw another TV reference, this time “The Corn and the Beautiful.” She says she wasn’t always a “healthy treat” as she lays in a hospital bed. When she was little, she suffered from a condition where she couldn’t eat or sleep. We see four cats, then candles in a “16.” She felt like she was in an “emotional prison.” We see a hair straightener and a Rubix cube, then a rainbow flag.

A clue-dropping drone brought in “major” clues for each celebrity tonight. Popcorn’s was a planet. She explained, “the second rock from the sun may be far away, but it should bring you closer to me.”

Performance: Popcorn slowed it down, singing “Falling” by Harry Styles this week. She has a solid voice and I loved her spin on this current hit. She nailed the high notes in the bridge too! And as Robin mentioned, she conveyed strong emotions through only her voice. Impressive!

Judges’ Guesses: Joel guessed Dionne Warwick or Gloria Gaynor. Ken thought it was Katy Perry. Nicole predicted it’s Vanessa Williams.

Who is The Giraffe?

The Giraffe performs “Get Down On It” by Kool & The Gang on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Giraffe was up next. He says he’s survived by “seeing the big picture.” His binoculars settle in on the Fox from season 2! He talks about staying “above the drama” and his big neck extends to eat a peach from a tree. But recently, his whole world came crashing down. He kept it mostly secret but his life was changed “in the blink of an eye.” Giraffe had a “terrifying episode” that “scrambled [his] brain.” But he’s a fighter “at a crossroads in life.” We see a bumper car speed by, then Giraffe puts on aviator sunglasses to close out the package.

His drone clue was a domino with two 4’s on it. He explains “That was a really important tile to me, but does it help you score my identity?”

Performance: In another rap performance, the Giraffe covers Kool & The Gang’s “Get Down On It.” He has pretty good flow, but I’m starting to think this is more out of his comfort zone than I first thought. He’s entertaining though, even if he struggles to navigate that huge neck!

Judges’ Guesses: Robin pieced together clues, concluding it’s Travis Barker. Joel thought Jason Priestley or Scott Wolf. Nicole guessed it might be Shia LaBeouf, which Ken agreed with.

Who Are The Snow Owls?

The Snow Owls perform “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Snow Owls talk about being the first pair and how they’ve always had each other’s back. Mr. Snow Owl brings up going through a “messy breakup,” then a light-up pink “D” falls on the ground. Mrs. Snow Owl says she took his side and was his “anchor,” holding up an anchor with “MANagement” written on it. Then we see a basketball with “DAL” on it. Mrs. Snow Owl says she had an opportunity “fit for a queen” that she was scared to do, but Mr. Snow Owl encouraged her. She took the leap of faith and it was “life-changing.” They jump out a window and bounce on a rope net over a bounce castle.

Their drone clue was a black witch hat. They then said, “we will tip our hats to whichever one of you figures out the clue!”

Performance: With much more country twang, the Snow Owls’ version of “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor was a change of pace from their first performance. If it was unsure whether they were country or not before, this confirmed it. They have to be! And their melodies are on point.

Judges’ Guesses: Ken thought it might be Rob Schneider and Elle King or Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. Joel guessed it’s Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Jenny agreed, but also threw out Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman as options.

Who is The Sun?

The Sun performs “Praying” by Kesha on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Sun loves dressing up because she missed a lot of her childhood “growing up in a fractured home.” She is seen gardening and there’s a red glowing hourglass with a spider on it. But lately, she’s gone “into the woods” to discover harmony in nature. We see a blue butterfly with wings in the shape of a heart. The Sun has become a “whiz” at cooking up “tasty treats,” she claims as she throws a pigtail with a blue ribbon and candy canes into a purple boiling pot. She’s “always looking at the bright side,” burning “Ugly Rumors” out of her life. A page with “Ugly Rumors” written on it is burned by a candle. Now, she’s “over the moon!”

The Sun’s drone clue was a Magic 8 ball, which she explains “Will this Magic 8 Ball help you conjure up my identity? Outlook not so hot.”

Performance: To close out the night, the Sun sang “Praying” by Kesha. This is a song that requires a lot of range and emotion, which she really pulls off. She definitely has some classical training with all that control! She is clearly the strongest Group A contender, in my opinion.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny guessed it could be Demi Lovato or Mandy Moore. Robin thought Katharine McPhee, with other panelists chiming in to add clues that fit her. Nicole predicted Carrie Underwood could be under the mask.

The Masked Singer Season 4’s Third Celebrity is Revealed!

With the performances over, someone had to be revealed. And this week it was the Giraffe! Honestly, not surprised since it’s such a strong group.

But which celebrity was under the mask?

The Giraffe is revealed on The Masked Singer Group A Playoffs


And no one was more shocked than Robin Thicke, who knows the actor personally! Next week, Group B will be back for more Playoffs. Join us for The Masked Singer again, but until then check out our recaps on YouTube.

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