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“Magic Mike” Mariachi band Guapacharros: What’s Their Talent?

Corey Cesare

Corey Cesare

GuapacharrosChris Haston/NBC

With over 66,000 followers on Instagram, and over two million followers on TikTok, Guapacharros takes the America’s Got Talent stage for the final week of auditions. If I’m being honest, I’m not quite sure what their talent is.

According to Guapacharros’ TikTok biography, they are a “group of Mexican dancers with an extraordinary show directed by Humberto Martinez.”

With the amount of fame this group has on TikTok, it’s surprising that AGT is even an avenue for them. The dance group is doing really well on social media. 

Even their videos with low interaction have a lot of views

Guapacharro is a play on the Spanish word for handsome and from seeing a few of their videos, it’s obvious their handsomeness is one of the group’s key selling points. I’m not kidding… their videos get crazy high interaction rates and I think it’s because they’re shirtless. When I looked, their video with the lowest interaction rate has more than 9,000 views. Normally, their videos average around a million views.

Their videos are typically three to seven men dancing sexually to trending music on TikTok. Oh, and did I mention they were shirtless?

If I had to describe their act, I would say it’s Magic Mike… but, make it mariachi. Yes, it seems like they can dance, I just haven’t been able to find any videos of them dancing to music that hasn’t been popular on TikTok. Even their YouTube has their TikTok content posted.

Could Guapacharros be singing on ‘America’s Got Talent’?

There is the possibility that dance isn’t their talent at all. There is one video on their TikTok that speculates the possibility of their talent being something other than dance. In the video, three of the members of Guapacharro look to be singing.

This type of video was a trend on TikTok and was used to get people to guess who the singer is. This video does feature original audio by Guapacharros of one of the members singing.

I really think this might be one of the most, if not the most, interesting acts that we’ve seen this season. I’m very eager to see how they perform on stage. I just need to know what their talent is!

Will they be performing these online trends on stage? Is it possible that they have more of a talent in dancing and their TikTok just doesn’t reflect that? Will they be making a TikTok live in front of the audience? 

What do you think? You Be The Judge!

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