Maelyn Jarmon & Laine Hardy Talk Life After Winning at ‘A Capitol Fourth’

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The Voice winner Maelyn Jarmon and American Idol winner Laine Hardy both recently performed at A Capitol Fourth on PBS. Around their appearance, they discussed life after winning the shows.

Here’s what Maelyn Jarmon and Laine Hardy had to say about the past month since winning! They also discuss upcoming music and the gigs they’ve been doing to keep their momentum going.

Maelyn Jarmon

Since winning The Voice, Maelyn Jarmon has been on a whirlwind journey. It also included her getting engaged to her boyfriend Johnny Murrell! And even after that, she sang the National Anthem on A Capitol Fourth.

About life after The Voice, Maelyn said the hard work is still ahead of her:

“People think that once you win a competition like The Voice, your career is set and made. That’s just not how it is. It’s meant to be a platform to help the artist with that first push. But you have to put the work in afterwards.”

Along with the win, Maelyn received a record deal with Republic Records. She plans to move to Los Angeles and says that her coach John Legend will be involved in the next steps. Maelyn says she will probably release a series of singles followed by an EP. She also wants to get into voice-over work and write for TV and movies! (Could we see her on future seasons of Songland?)

Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy has had quite the run since his American Idol win. He’s done full-on press tours, a number of meet-and-greets, sang a cover of “Johnny B. Goode” on A Capitol Fourth, and is starting to work on his first album!

As part of the win, Laine also got a record deal with Hollywood Records. And it sounds like a move to Nashville is imminent for the young star! He’s been booking writing sessions and has been traveling between Nashville, Louisiana and Los Angeles for meetings. But he hopes to end up in Nashville, where he can really develop his sound and music where it all happens for country music.

And as far as how he’s dealing with life after the big win, it’s interesting to hear his opinion of keeping things light compared to Maelyn, who is eager to put the work in and more serious. He is younger though, so it’s not too surprising. About American Idol and his time on the show, Laine said:

“People think when they get on the show they have to be all serious about it. There is a little bit of seriousness in it, but you also have to have fun with it and not treat it so seriously…that can get in the way of you being open-minded to things.”

If you want to keep up with Laine as he navigates the music industry, you’re in luck! The first episode of An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy is available on YouTube. It will keep fans in the know about everything post-American Idol.


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