Luke Bryan Overwhelmed With ‘American Idol’

Luke Bryan American IdolLauren Ashley Beck | Talent Recap

Luke Bryan is coming “Back-Back! To Cali-Cali!” for his second season as a judge on American Idol!

Luke Bryan American Idol

Return To Idol

Luke’s returning to the judges table alongside the iconic Lionel Ritchie and vivacious songstress Katy Perry for season 17 of American Idol. As if his schedule wasn’t busy enough, Luke also just announced his upcoming ‘Sunset Repeat Tour’.

Luke Bryan American IdolLuke Bryan opened up about how being on American Idol is exhausting in a whole different way than being on tour. It seems as if the ABC Talent Competition is a bit more taxing than he had expected.

“The road tires you out in this way: when you’re running up and down stadiums and doing all that, you wake up the next day and you feel like you ran through a stadium…” Luke told ABC News Radio. “… “And when you’re out on Idol, we notice you get done and you just want a nice glass of wine just to kind of shut your brain off, because you’ve been concentrating for 12 hours on making the right decisions with these kids.”

Luke Bryan American IdolThe charming southern musician faces varying challenges between touring the world and judging American Idol.

Hitting The Road

Luke says hitting the road is more physically exhausting, whereas Idol can tire him out emotionally. Speaking of Idol, the country star said, “…when we start falling in love with these kids … And with our auditions, we just did three 12-hour days. It’s like you’re taking the SAT every day.”

Luke Bryan American IdolThat’s understandable, sitting anywhere for 12 hours can be difficult in most circumstances, even if you are making the “big-bucks”. Luke’s announcement of the impending ‘Sunset Repeat Tour’ was welcome news to fans who weren’t sure if he had his plate full with Idol.

Bryan told iHeartRadio, “We knew when I took on Idol that it was going to take up a lot of my off-season time, next year I’m probably going to trim a few dates off the tour. I just kind of need to settle in that mold of not doing 100 shows a year and scale back a hair.”

Luke Bryan American IdolJudging on American Idol is taxing, but Luke is pumped to get back behind the table to see a whole new wave of astonishing undiscovered talent.

“I’m more excited this year because I know what to expect” Bryan explained. “I’m not going to be scared the whole time. The fact that me and Lionel and Katy and Ryan [Seacrest] we have one season under our belt, we know how much we can have fun with one another. We know how serious the contestants take it. We’re excited.”

 American Idol premieres Sunday, March 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Bryan’s Sunset Repeat Tour kicks off on May 31. Find tickets at


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