Logan Paul Declares Himself the Winner of Fight Against Floyd Mayweather Despite No Official Ruling


Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s pay-per-view exhibition match was nothing that fans expected on Sunday night. The fight went eight rounds without a knockout. It sparked a load of memes on social media about the lack of action between the two smack-talking fighters. Logan declared himself the winner after the fight in a post on Twitter despite the official match ending in a draw.

Logan Paul Thinks He Won Exhibition Match Against Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather and Logan’s fight was not officially sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission. This exhibition match did not have any judges. This means no winner was declared after the fight. It will also not go down on either fighter’s professional record. The Masked Singer star decided after the match to post a photo with his fist up on Twitter with the word “win.” This implies that he believes he is the winner of the fight though Twitter disagrees.

“Hysterical how people think it’s a bad look 4 Floyd Mayweather cuz Logan Paul lasted 8 rounds,” one Twitter user wrote. “Floyd was outweighed by over 50 pounds, gave up 7inches in height & is 18 years older AND didn’t train for the fight. Yet he still walked down the bigger man & won.”

Mayweather had better stats at the end of the fight. ESPN scored the fight 78-74 in favor of Mayweather. He landed 43 total punches and Logan only landed 28. The professional boxer has a record of 50-0. The YouTuber has a 0-1 professional record. Logan was also pretty confident before the fight, tweeting that he is now “the biggest entertainer in the world.”

The Paul Brothers Are Both on the Same Page After the Fight

Logan’s brother Jake also tweeted after the fight that Mayweather now has a 50-1 record. Many replied to the tweet with images of Logan getting punched by Mayweather or fatigued in the ring. Jake spoke to the press and told the cameras that Logan is being “way too humble” because he “just beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Throughout the fight, Jake’s commentary could be heard off to the side. He continued to say that Logan was winning the fight. The broadcasters stepped in numerous times to tell Jake to pipe down. There was never going to be an official winner, but the Paul brothers are not letting anyone burst their post-fight bubble.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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