Is Kylie Jenner In The Masked Singer Season 2?

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Listen, if anyone can keep a secret, it is Kylie Jenner and her entourage. I still can’t believe the Kardashian-Jenners, and Travis Scott, hid the pregnancy from the whole world. That said, the world loves and adores Stormi Webster and although we are glad she exists (waaay more than glad), we would all have loved a heads up. So now we keep a closer watch on Billionaire Kylie, and we have a strong suspicion that she will be part of The Masked Singer.

Kylie Jenner’s Singing Career

Kylie Jenner can sing and although we aren’t sure she will be an egg on The masked Singer Season 2

The is fact that we still don’t know who sang this song and it is registered under Kylie’s name, we have always been a little suspicious. She does have a great voice and mom-ager Kris Jenner did say on Keeping up With The Kardashian’s episode that Kylie along with sister Kendall Jenner was taking singing lessons. Listen, if tomorrow Kylie told me she was becoming a scientist, I wouldn’t doubt it. This woman can do anything, ask her bank account, or Forbes who list her as The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever At The Age Of 21.

Kim Kardashian is studying law, am I surprised that Kylie is branching out?

This smells Kardashians to the core, let’s go in detail why Kylie would be the perfect contestant. The contestants all have to go to remote locations to transfer into cars that take them to CBS Television City, where the show tapes. Given how intricately she hid her pregnancy, Christmas card anyone? She is made for it. We all remember these ladies in Calvin Kleins and who knew 2 of these women aka Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were expecting children.

Heck, the show took cues from these women themselves.

Since the celebrities are put in hoodies, sweats, and masks that completely hide their identities, Kylie could very well be doing it.

All audience members who witness reveals have to sign NDAs so they don’t disclose the celebrities under the masks. Ahem-ahem, you can’t enter a Kardashian household with signing an NDA, aka so Kardarshian-jenner-esque.

We all want to know who we will see tonight on The Masked Singer Season 2 reveal and we will be collecting cues throughout the show and updating you but we have a feeling Kylie Jenner will be the big reveal.

Some people think the egg on The Masked Singer Season 2 is Kylie Jenner

You know the egg, right? The egg that broke internet history. Last year, her record for the most-liked photo on Instagram was taken over by none other than an egg.

Since Kylie’s record 18 million likes were completely obliterated by the egg, gaining over 53 million likes, maybe she’s back for some payback. Given the family’s love for attention, Kylie’s amazing voice and her love for music (sit back down Tyga, we weren’t talking about you), Kylie Jenner can very well be one of the masked singers. What do you think?

Who Won The Masked Singer Last Year?

Twelve celebrities competed in The Masked Singer Season 1 and T-Pain, who was dressed as the monster, won the competition, beating the bee (Gladys Knight) and the peacock (Donny Osmond).

How Many Stars Will Be On The Masked Singer Season 2

16 stars have signed up, so viewers will see even more celebrities in costumes perform on the main stage and we already know season 2 will include a mix of insects, animals, and mythical creatures.


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