Kim Kardashian Was on ‘Dancing with The Stars’?

Catherine DiMeglio
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Kim Kardashian Dancing with the StarsKelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

One of the most influential A-listers today was once featured on Dancing with the Stars. Back in 2008, Kim Kardashian was best known for her newfound fame on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The then-rising reality star lasted three rounds on the series before facing elimination.

Fans are well-aware today that Kardashian is not known for her dancing skills. However, the show was the perfect opportunity for she and the rest of her family to gain more recognition on-screen.

Kim Kardashian’s Appearances on Dancing with the Stars

Kardashian stepped foot on the Dancing with the Stars stage on season seven. She partnered with reigning champion Mark Ballas, before becoming the third contestant to be eliminated. On week one, the duo performed a Foxtrot routine to “The Pink Panther Theme.” In the pre-performance interview, Kardashian admitted that she wasn’t the most balanced person, but was determined to put in the amount of work necessary to win.

“Elegance and clumsiness definitely don’t mix, so as long as I can get through this dance without tripping over my own feet, I know our foxtrot will be fabulous,” she said.

Kardashian delivered a technically good performance with the help of Ballas, however it was criticized for lacking chemistry and emotion.

The reality star’s performance during week two is definitely her most memorable. Not for superior dancing, but for Kardashian’s meme-worthy moves that still circulate around social media today. At this stage in the competition, she performed a Mambo routine to “Baby Got Back.”

Judge Bruno Tonioli was frustrated with Kardashian’s failure to utilize her “assets” to her full potential during the routine. On the flip side, judge Carrie Ann Inaba praised Kardashian for her effort. She defended the reality star and pointed out that Kardashian obviously had no performance experience.

“You’re not at the level of everybody else, but I see you trying,” Inaba commented.

On her final week in the competition, Kardashian and Ballas performed a Rumba routine to “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison. The routine was intended to be slow and romantic, but truthfully, it did not deliver on excitement. In the end, she earned a total score of 17, and was ultimately eliminated.

The Reality Star Post-DWTS

It’s clear to see that the now-acclaimed Kardashian gave it her all on DWTS. However, she is still regarded as one of the worst contestants to ever grace the stage. Funny enough, her dancing has not improved since her time on the show. In 2011, she attended a Prince concert at Madison Square Garden and things took a turn for the worst. She was actually kicked off stage by the late legend for not grooving well enough.

Today, her net worth is estimated to be well around $1 billion. She has also used her profound platform to merge into politics. Kardashian is a strong advocate for prison reform and has done her part to bring justice to those facing wrongful incarceration. The latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians followed her efforts to become an attorney for this reason. It seems she was taking her late father, Robert Kardashian, who was the defending attorney in the OJ Simpson trial.

While her famed reality show has since come to an end, I can guarantee this won’t be the last we see from Kim Kardashian. The branding genius is always working on the next best thing.

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