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Kelly Clarkson Asks Khloe Kardashian How to “Unlove an Ex”

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It seems like pop superstar Kelly Clarkson is having a hard time moving on from her past marriage. In her self-titled daytime talk show, she asked Khloe Kardashian about the process of unloving an ex.

Kelly Clarkson Jokingly Asked for Moving On Tips from Khloe Kardashian

For those who may not know, the “Breakaway” singer finalized her divorce from Brandon Blackstock in March this year. However, although she’s been active and enthusiastic on screen, she’s not hiding the fact that her separation from Blackstock has been rough. In a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she has gotten deep with Khloe Kardashian about forgetting a former lover.

“You shared this season that you’re training yourself to unlove your ex, Tristan. So, just how’d you do that? Asking for a friend,” she said.

According to Clarkson, unloving someone can sometimes be “the most ridiculous thing.” This is especially felt when people casually tell her to move on. Subsequently, the singer said that she might always love her ex, and she doesn’t know if her feelings will eventually go away.

“No, I don’t think it goes away like my ex-husband. I genuinely still love and I want the best for him, and I’m rooting for him,” Kardashian said. “We all, I think, just change or evolve, that sometimes it’s just not a right fit for you.”

Both celebrities agree that learning to unlove an ex is not as quick as finding the switch. For Kardashian, reprograming herself after building habits and routine with NBA player Tristan Thompson is “not that easy.”

Pop Singer Says the Public Doesn’t Know the “Whole Situation”

Agreeing that healing from a breakup doesn’t happen overnight, Clarkson also believes that their process may not be the same for everyone. Nevertheless, the singer pointed out that being watched by the public is particularly difficult.

“I think it’s really hard when you’re in the public eye and people judge the situation,” she said. “Cause it’s like ‘You don’t know the whole situation. You only see what we’re allowing you to see.'”

The socialite nodded, saying that at some point, even friends and family are not aware of the entire story.

“I’m very outgoing and don’t have a filter, but like I can filter,” Clarkson said.

Amid her freshly finalized divorce, former The Voice coach is preparing for her first album in five years. Her fans brand this upcoming release as her divorce album, which the singer regards as a helpful project along with her therapy. The unnamed album is set to be issued in 2023.

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