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Joseph Baena Shows Off Lean Physique After ‘DWTS’ Elimination

Joseph Baena Before and After DWTSJoseph Baena via Instagram

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Joseph Baena has seemingly transformed his body during his time on Dancing With The Stars. The son of former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has been following on his father’s footsteps. He recently showed off his chiseled physique in a video comparing his body before he competed, to after competing in DWTS.

Joseph Baena Shows off Lean Physique Following Dancing With The Stars

The hard work it takes to compete in the biggest dance competition show is no joke. It is no secret that teams have to practice seven days a week to keep up with the fast paced competition. This makes DWTS a show with a tremendously demanding rehearsal schedule, pushing the limits of the body.

In Baena’s case, he seems to have gotten even leaner during the six weeks of his DWTS run. Posting a before and after video showing his muscular build, Baena shared the effect of a tiring work schedule. Within the post, he specified that he lost 10 pounds while on the competition. He began at 205 pounds and was eliminated at 195 pounds. Although this weight loss isn’t extremely evident to the untrained eye, many noticed the change in his muscles.

Baena and his partner Daniella Karagach were eliminated during last night’s Prom Night on DWTS. Fans of the series cannot believe he was eliminated since he had steady improvement.

Nevertheless, Baena didn’t go home without achieving something significant. In his case, he achieved a physique that puts bodybuilders to shame. After competing in DWTS, Baena has a new lean look.

He Felt Like Throwing Up During His First Workout After DWTS

The first workout session at the gym hit hard for the young actor, who has inherited his love for the gym from his father. Even after an exhausting couple of weeks on DWTS, Baena chose to go to the gym almost immediately.

This proved to be the wrong move, however, as Baena felt like throwing up after a couple of sets doing squats. It appears that the tiring schedule on DWTS has taken a toll on Baena’s body, affecting his workout routine. Baena shared the experience on one of his Instagram stories.

“It’s the first leg day back since starting Dancing With The Stars and we have done two-three sets of squats so far and I am gonna throw up.” Baena said.

Being the son of a legendary actor and former bodybuilder puts a lot of pressure on Baena. Comparisons and expectations cannot be avoided in his situation. People have been expecting him to become the young version of his father, and Baena is obviously trying to live up to those expectations, while finding himself.

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