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Jonny West’s New EP Gives Off Major Alejandro Aranda Vibes

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Jonny West first impressed American Idol viewers with his original song “Makin’ Love” during his Season 18 audition. The Top 5 finisher has finally given fans a full EP of eccentric songs with accompanying music videos. His music deserves way more hype in the alternative genre. It definitely makes us think of American Idol runner-up Alejandro Aranda’s releases. His unique style has helped him launch a huge career under the name Scarypoolparty.

Jonny West’s New EP is Totally on the Alejandro Aranda Level

Luke Bryan told Jonny back in his audition that he was “really close to the Alejandro lane.” Katy Perry and Lionel Richie also agreed. Again in the Top 10, Perry told Jonny that he is in the “Alejandro level.” When it comes to American Idol, this really is the highest form of compliment.

Johnny’s EP, The Thing About This Is…” is completely stacked with hits we could totally see going viral on TikToK. Jonny’s song “homicide” and the music video perfectly captures the feeling of angst that everyone has in their 20’s. Even just the instrumental parts of the song are pure magic. “NUMBER” is another breathtaking song on the EP. It has the coolest rap breakdown ever. The music video is simple, and the lighting shifts from red to black to separate the singing and the rapping that this dynamic artist does.

In some ways, the music video for “NUMBER” and Alejandro’s recent music video for “Friends” mirror each other visually. But one thing they always make sure to focus on in their work is the lyrics. Alejandro has dabbled in rock with his song “Escape” but has proved that he can sing any genre. Jonny went down a more Indie/pop route with his EP. We know from watching American Idol that he is also a very diverse artist when it comes to song choice.


When American Idol announced they would be bringing back 10 Season 18 contestants to compete for a second chance on the show, Jonny’s name was not on the list. It makes total sense that he focused on his own music instead of taking the risk of returning to the show. Everything he did do in Season 18 is great, but now he has truly found who he is as an artist. He definitely seems more confident even just in the music videos.

“THE CONFIDENCE THAT YOU ARE EXUDING. YES. THIS SONG SLAPS,” one fan wrote under the “NUMBER” music video.

‘Idol’ Fans Need a Jonny, Alejandro Collaboration

Alejandro will be releasing an album later this year which is bound to be a major success. He has not stopped striving for big things since competing on American Idol. What we really want though is a collaboration with Jonny. Nothing would make fans of the alternative genre happier than to see these two former contestants on one track.

Jonny’s rapping skills on one of Alejandro’s one-of-a-kind tracks would be completely epic. Alejandro never misses with any of his songs. He always manages to bring his soul to the forefront of everything he does. It is very rare for an artist not to have a single bad song. Hopefully, by throwing this dream collaboration out into the universe, something might actually come of it.

American Idol has seen more alternative artists come through the audition room in recent years. In the first few seasons, it was never really a genre that was represented very much by the contestants. Both Jonny and Alejandro know how to connect to an audience through meaningful lyrics, humble personalities, and abstract vocal choices. Thanks to artists like them, American Idol is now looking for unique artists to audition for Season 20.

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