Jaclyn Hill Bullied For Weight Gain, Depression and Divorce — Finally Claps Back [VIDEO]

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Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is done with fans commenting on her weight gain. In a new video, the makeup guru talks about what she’s gone through over the past several months.

Last year, there was some controversy attached to Jaclyn’s makeup line when customers received lipsticks that were covered in fibers or had holes in them. The company offered refunds to everyone who purchased the products.

Jaclyn Hill Addresses Her Weight Gain

Jaclyn posted a new get-ready-with-me video on YouTube this week, in which she addresses what’s been going on in her life. Last year, she posted on Instagram that fans had been commenting on her weight.

She said she had gained 20 pounds in seven weeks, and had “never been this insecure about my physical appearance in my life.” She told fans that she would look “bigger” in future videos, and they would “have to deal with it.”


In her new video, she added that her face has swelled due to excessive drinking. She explained that she used alcohol to “self-medicate” when she was depressed, and said the failure of her business “broke my heart.”

“And so when I would start to get anxiety, I just immediately am like I need a shot, I need a drink, I need a cocktail, I just numb it. Instead of using a Xanax, or Valium or Ativan or whatever prescription drug, I have been using alcohol to self-medicate, and that is why my face has been so swollen.”

Jaclyn says she’s okay with being bigger, but she’s more upset about what her weight gain represents. “I wouldn’t look like this if I didn’t make such poor decisions,” she said. “I wouldn’t look like this if I didn’t hurt myself by self-medicating with alcohol.”

How Is Jaclyn Doing Post Her Lipstick Drama?

Unfortunately, Jaclyn had a tough January, as she revealed that she had influenza B and a sinus infection, and it was discovered that she had another infection which made her vomit blood.

She’s now working on dealing with her anxiety and depression, by going to therapy two to three times a week and seeing an “amazing doctor.” She says she’s been absent because she doesn’t want to post things that she’ll regret, especially if she’s been drinking.


“Give me a little time just to fix myself,” she said. “I have a full-on mapped-out plan with my therapist and my doctor, and how things are gonna change … I see 2020 being the best year ever, and an incredible thing for me to look back on.”

We wish Jaclyn the best as she moves forward and works through things.


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