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EXCLUSIVE Interview with ‘Songland’ Winner PipoBeats: The Songwriter Behind Luis Fonsi’s ‘Sway’


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Talent Recap had a chance to sit down with the most recent Songland winner, PipoBeats! Pipo is a Chilean-American rising pop star, self-taught multi-instrumentalist, and musician. He also wrote Luis Fonsi’s #1 hit “Sway.”

Watch our EXCLUSIVE interview with Songland’s PipoBeats here:

Our interview with Songland winner, PipoBeats

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Songland

To start, PipoBeats explained why he wanted to be on Songland in the first place.

“It’s just an amazing blessing to see that there was a show that was fit for people just like me.”

“I watched the show and I was like, oh my gosh this is perfect. This is the perfect opportunity. I decided to try it out…and it’s just an amazing blessing to see that there was a show that was fit for people just like me who write music.”

But the competition was fierce! So even though Pipo was sure of himself, it was intimidating to see and hear the other songwriters.

“You go in there confident about the fact that you have great music until you hear everyone else, that also has INSANE music. Being able to be in a place where there are so many people like you, it just allows for doors to open for collaboration and ideas. I’m about to drop a song because I couldn’t help myself wanting to get this girl that I heard sing on my song. I couldn’t help it! Her name is Caroline Kole. She’s amazing!”

According to her Instagram, Caroline will be appearing on the episode of Songland featuring Ben Platt.

Writing “Sway”

When PipoBeats starting writing “Sway” and recorded it in his closet, he had other ideas for the song. But the opportunity to be on Songland was too good to pass up.

“I thought it would be MY #1 single.”

“I thought it would be MY #1 single. But God has a plan and the way that things shifted, it almost seemed like maybe…it was meant for Fonsi at the end of the day. I’m so happy to be able to deliver that to someone else.”

PipoBeats performing his original song “Sway” on Songland

Then, when asked how it feels to have written a #1 song for Luis Fonsi, PipoBeats pulled out his 2020 schedule. He explained that he has similar binders from every year since 2016 where he writes out his goals.

“On the Songland episode, I whipped this paper out. On this piece of paper that I wrote, that I showed at Songland…this was the one from three years ago when I said I wanted to write a song for Luis Fonsi. If you pause that and scroll like 2-3 lines down, it says ‘And I want my song to be #1.'”

Working With Ryan Tedder

But the biggest drawing point of the show is working with some of the best songwriters and producers in the music business. PipoBeats had the unique chance to partner with Ryan Tedder on “Sway.” Surprisingly, that was his first collaboration EVER.

“Fun fact: I’ve collaborated with zero people my entire life before this.”

“Songwriting is meant to be collaborative. Fun fact: I’ve collaborated with zero people my entire life before this. My first collaboration was with Ryan Tedder to work toward giving a song, which technically was with Fonsi.”

His first experience was one he’ll never forget either. And led his mind to open up to all the opportunities collaboration could lead to.

“How on Earth did that get 50 times better in 15 minutes? It’s impossible.”

“You think you have the best version of that piece of art until you sit down. Two or three minutes in, you’re like, ‘How on Earth did that get 50 times better in 15 minutes?’ It’s impossible. Then you think to yourself, oh my gosh. Of course you’re Ryan Tedder. It’s surreal! It was a ridiculously amazing experience to work with such talented people. I pray that one day I’ll be able to do it again.”

PipoBeats’ newest single and music video, “Hate It”

What’s Next for PipoBeats

The story doesn’t end with Songland for PipoBeats! In fact, it’s just the beginning.

“We are going into overdrive.”

“So it’s funny because I guess the best analogy to describe it is that the switch…has officially become on. What that means is, we are going into overdrive. I am going to be putting out ridiculous amounts of brand new Spanish music, new music videos coming out.”

He released a new album, “Singing Hills,” earlier this year. And just came out with a music video for his single “Hate It.” If you’re looking for more of PipoBeats, you can find him @PipoBeats on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and on his website.

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