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Howie, What’s With the Fart Jokes? Comedian Re-Posts Odd CDC Announcement

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The social media prankster is back at it again! Instead of wishing fans a happy Fourth of July, America’s Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel, shared strange posts on both Instagram and Twitter. These posts left many confused and made us question Mandel’s gastrointestinal humor. Is he feeling okay?

It’s no secret that the Canadian native loves to crack a joke whenever given the opportunity. There’s no way to get around the fact that Mandel is the funniest judge on AGT. The comedian always manages to create smiles within AGT and on social media as a whole.

On July 4, Mandel tweeted a screenshot of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Instagram reminder going into the holiday. Believe it or not, the CDC’s post had nothing to do with the coronavirus. But, instead talked about something that people (apparently) need to be reminded of. Not to swim with diarrhea. Yeah, I thought it was a bit strange for them to randomly post this on the Fourth of July, too.

Mandel screenshotted the reminder, and posted it to Twitter saying “Remember the rules.” Mandel probably found this announcement just as strange as we did.

One fan even went as far as joking back with Mandel in a response to his tweet. The fan shared “I was about to go swimming while I was sick with diarrhea, thanks for stopping me, Howie Mandel!”

Mandel’s Trunk is ‘Definitely’ His

Around the same time, Mandel also posted a new video on Instagram. The video shows off the trunk of his car and what happened to be inside of it.

“My wife just opened the trunk to my car and said it’s so obviously my car,” said Mandel in the Instagram video. “I don’t know what she means, like why is this definitely my car? and why does she think it’s my stuff?”

Within the video, we can see COVID-19 tests, a brown paper bag, a book named “Father Figure,” and another book named “Does it Fart?”

Does Terry Mandel mean this is “so Howie” based on the close following of the CDC rules, or interest in gastrointestinal humor? Or both?

“Does it Fart?” is a book written by Dani Rabaiotti and Nick Caruso. This book is all about animal flatulence, has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. I have so many questions. Why is he reading this book? How far has he gotten? and why is it in the trunk of his car?

Comments pointing out the animal flatulence book made it so we knew weren’t the only ones who saw “Does it Fart?” in Mandel’s trunk.

Canadian Covid Tests

How about the COVID-19 tests? The video also shows nine COVID-19 at-home specimen tests, manufactured by Switch Health. Which, when looked into this, Switch Health launched the first Mobile Rapid Testing Unit in Canada.

Not only do these COVID-19 tests say that he’s a follower of the CDC, but it also shows that he supports his home country. Which is “definitely” him. So maybe that’s what Terry meant with that comment.

Considering Mandel doesn’t even know the reason for his wife’s comment, there’s no way for us to really know how his car is “definitely” his.

Regardless, Mandel (and his wife) jumped at the opportunity to share fart-related humor on his social media. We hope Mandel didn’t share the CDC tweet because he was experiencing diarrhea himself. Because then, that could pose a totally different reason as to why his trunk is “definitely” him.

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