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How Did Jennifer Lopez Rise to Fame? — Here’s What We Know

Jennifer Lopez at 'The Cell' Press ConferencePhoto by Dusko Despotovic/Sygma via Getty Images

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In almost all corners of the world, no one can deny that Jennifer Lopez is a global phenomenon. Decades of passion and experience have indeed cemented JLo’s place in Hollywood. But how really did Jennifer Lopez become famous?

Jennifer Lopez’s Early Beginnings

Lopez was born in a relatively well-off family in Bronx, New York. As a kid, she took pleasure in listening to a variety of musical genre, particularly Afro-Caribbean styles, which would later reflect on her music. Apparently, she shared the same interest with her two sisters, Leslie and Lynda.

She began picking up dance steps and belting notes at the young age of five and continued so as she reached adolescence. But as everyone must know by now, Lopez is never the type to not multitask. In high school, she was both academic and athletic, running tracks and playing softball.

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In Living Color Head Started JLo’s Career

It didn’t take long for Lopez to know that she wanted to be a superstar. When she turned 17, she joined a small film production titled My Little Girl. At this point, she’s fully decided in navigating the entertainment industry— one which her parents disagreed upon learning.

Her stubborn heart didn’t back down despite the family tension. Consequently, she endured the inconvenience of separating from home and sleeping in dance studios. She kicked off her career in the early ‘90s as a backup dancer for boyband New Kids On The Block. She later auditioned to become a Fly Girl on the FOX comedy series In Living Color and that’s practically where the public started noticing her charisma.

Since then, she has sealed small roles on both film and television. Her most notable appearance was in the famous drama movie Jack. Soon enough, she would secure a headlining role that will make Jennifer Lopez a household name.

She starred in the 1997 biopic, Selena, which tackled the life and tragic death of the late singer Selena Quintanilla. Through this film, she won a Golden Globe nomination for best actress. After this role, Lopez became unstoppable.

Jennifer Lopez Has Become a Triple Threat

In between proving herself in several grossing films in the 2000s, she began tapping her ability to create music. She debuted her first studio album, On the Six, in 1999. This quickly peaked at number one on the song charts and sold 236,000 copies during its first week.

Lopez’s success in the music industry reached the same wavelength as her fame in films. She has collaborated with popular musicians in her time and even took residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is arguably one of the highest paid residencies of all time.

Through years, Lopez has become a triple threat—dancing, singing, acting­—in Hollywood entertainment. Her name has been recognizable across generations, and she’s reached milestones only a few people could ever attain in their lifetime.

However, we must know that Lopez has not only racked up profits from show business. Her commercial ventures range from fashion endorsements and business partnerships. In 2017, she partnered with fragrance company Designer Parfums and continues to grow her line from there.

This Hollywood triple threat has managed to build up her fortune from scratch. With eight studio albums, consecutive world tours, and a Las Vegas residency, Jennifer Lopez is undeniably worth aspiring to be.  

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Brian Corona
Brian Corona
1 year ago

Jennifer is the best

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