Harry Connick Jr. Reenacts Iconic ‘Friends’ Scene with His Wife, Jill Goodacre

Samantha Agate
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Harry Connick Jr. FriendsInstagram/TBS

Did anyone else not know that Harry Connick Jr.’s wife is responsible for one of the most iconic scenes in Friends history? Connick has been married to Jill Goodacre for 27 years. Yes, that Jill Goodacre. The former American Idol judge decided to recreate Goodacre’s 1994 scene from Friends that left us all cackling.

Harry Connick Jr. Recreates His Wife’s Scene From ‘Friends’

In the show, Chandler, played by Matthew Perry, takes a trip to the ATM when the lights go out. He quickly realizes that the door is locked and he’s trapped inside. The good news for Chandler is that he was trapped with Goodacre, a Victoria’s Secret model who plays herself. Viewers get to hear Chandler’s internal monologue while Goodacre calls her mother.

Chandler tries working up the courage to talk to her and flashes her a creepy smile instead. He calls Joey, and mumbles “I’m trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.” Joey somehow translates this and knows exactly what Chandler is saying. Chandler chokes on a piece of gum and Goodacre saves him by giving him the heimlich manuever. The lights go back on and they part ways.

Connick decided to finally give his fans what they want. While Goodacre stood at the ATM, he sat on the floor and filmed a video. He mutters that he is “trapped in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.” Once the camera pans to Goodacre, she tells him to get off the floor. Props to Connick for absolutely nailing the delivery of Perry’s epic line.

Connick and Goodacre’s Relationship Is Stronger Than Ever Before

The comments section on the post is full of Friends fans who got a kick out of Connick’s antics. He is a huge jokester whose social media posts include sparring his 95-year-old father, and using cans of Spam to build a tower. One thing that is very apparent from his posts is how much Connick loves Goodacre. He constantly shouts her out for making him delicious meals and being his rock.

The couple have three daughters, Georgia, 25, Sara Kate, 23, and Charlotte, 19. They all showed their strength and support in 2012 when Goodacre was diagnosed with breast cancer. Goodacre underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. Goodacre is now cancer-free.

“The deeper I connect with my family — and every day we grow deeper and deeper in love with each other — the freer I am to be more creative,” Connick said about the families bond. “The pain is inevitable, and that’s what you learn when the things that matter come to the forefront.”

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